Chapter Fourteen: Whatever

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The next morning I woke up and had an urge to go swimming. It had been days since I last swam. I slowly got changed, threw my hair into a ponytail and walked to the indoor pool, which was at the opposite end of the house.

The pool was large, much larger than my own, and larger than the one at Blake’s house. I slipped off my pool dress and jumped in. I slowly started to think about last night, and how Blake lashed out on me for kissing Adam. It wasn’t like we were dating or anything. He needed to know that he couldn’t kiss me and expect me to follow him around like a lost puppy.

After an hour or so I dried off and decided to get some breakfast. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal and took it out onto the back deck in hopes of avoiding Blake for as long as I possibly could. I put my bowl on the railing and looked out at the lake. It sparkled in the light of the sun, making it absolutely beautiful.

“Hey honey” my dad came out and gave me a kiss on the forehead “didn't see you last night, what time did you kids get in?”

“Too late” I yawned, which was a lie, since I had been prepared to stay up as late as I needed to.

“Well” he said “as long as you guys had fun. I’m glad you and Blake have been getting along. It’s almost like the old days when you were my baby girl”

“I’ll always be your baby girl” I told him, smiling “always”

He kissed me on the forehead. “I know honey”

He slowly walked back into the house leaving me alone on the deck again. I didn't mind the solitude; it was comforting and allowed me to think about Adam and how I felt for him. Sure, we kissed, but my feelings for him couldn’t compare to the ones I had for Blake. Nothing could ever compare. Blake and I were best friends, and I had loved him from the beginning. Adam on the other hand, was someone who I barely knew; of course I couldn’t possibly like him as much as I liked Blake.

I picked up my phone and decided to text Adam, who exchanged numbers with me while we were talking during to party.

Sorry about yesterday I typed Blake is very protective of me. He’s like an older brother.

Almost immediately I got a reply

Completely understood. I read. I’m fairly protective of my little sister. Do you want to do something later today to make it up to me? Movie maybe?

My heart fluttered. Of course I wanted to go see a movie with him! I waited a little while before replying, because I didn't want to seem too eager. I was actually going on a date! My first date!

Sure! I typed in reply tell me when and where!

He replied, telling me he wanted to go to the theatre that was five minutes from where we lived, and he would pick me up at around two. I looked down at my phone. It was only ten, which gave me plenty of time to get ready for our date. I skipped into the house and took a long shower, and blow-dried my hair.

I heard a knock on my door as I stood looking into my closet, deciding on what to wear.

“Come in” I said, without thinking. Blake opened the door, and his face turned bright red. I looked down to see I was only in my underwear and bra. He quickly turned around to face the door.

“Sorry!” I said to him “I thought you were my sister or something!”

“How could you be so sure?” he said, turning back around. I had thrown my robe on to cover up.

“I thought we weren’t on speaking terms at the moment” I told him. He sighed heavily.

“We weren’t” he told me, and he sat down on my bed. I followed him and sat beside him. His black hair was spiked up perfectly, the way that made his eyes stand out. I tried to ignore that fact, but it was so hard. He was so attractive

“I’m sorry I freaked out” he told me. “But I couldn’t see you get hurt by him. Ellie you’re like my sister. And I meant what I said last night. If you got hurt I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself for letting him hurt you”

“Blake. I’m a big girl now” I told him “a lot has changed since you left for boarding school. I don’t need your protection anymore!”

“You’re so fuckin’ naive Ellie!” he said. And he headed towards the door.

“I’m going out with him today” I blurted out as he reached for the door. He turned and looked at me blankly.

 “Were going to the movies later today” I continued “and don’t you dare try to stop me”

“Fine” he said simply “but if you get hurt, don’t you dare come running to me.”

He slammed the door behind himself and l groaned. I hated fighting with him. Though I knew he was just trying to watch out for me, I didn't need him to play big brother with me. I was old enough to make my own decisions, and my decision was to go out with Adam.

sorry this chapter is shorter! but the next chapter will be normal length or possibly longer! so what do you think about Ellie's decision to go on a date with Adam? do you think she shouldve listened to Blake? feel free to leave any comments or questions down below and ill be sure to reply! hope you liked this chapter! :) i promise the next update will be soon!

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