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I can't believe my mom is gone,like is this all a nightmare I need to wake up from or an imagination to snap out from.

"I don't...." daryl was interrupted when his phone rang

"Hey man," he said picking up "Sure....Okay" and he hung up

"Justin is holding a party this Saturday night" daryl sighed

"Well I don't think I can get my groove on if we can't move on to finding my mom" I yelled

"I understand" daryl said and hugged me tightly

I don't know what to do right now, suddenly daryl pulled from  the hug and was staring

"Are you okay," i asked

"The full moon is tomorrow and t......." I interrupted him

"It's all makes sense now, the full moon is tomorrow leviathan took my mom so she couldn't stop his plans" I said and held my head "aaaah" I yelled as a quick headache hit me

"What plans" daryl asked

"Don't you get it already the canasist will be out tomorrow" I yelled and another headache hit me and I fell on the bed

"You aren't stable yet just relax" daryl said and turned

Daryl's pov

The canasist?,out tomorrow? Oh shit I ruffled my hair, am confused how will I fight, I mean am pack less

"Get yourself a pack" ian said

"How do I do that?, make wolf babies" I asked, oh man I got the travis spirit already

"No stupid, a bite , a bite from you could turn anyone into a wolf, wait a minute how about you turn Christian that jocky friend of yours that loves sport and has a thing for wolves" ian suggested

"Hmnhmn great idea" I stroked my chin and looked at Holland,  I can't leave her like this, and I need that pack.

Sometimes we just have to take risks, I rushed out and tracked Christian by catching his scent. Cool he's in school for football practice.

Christian's pov

I entered the room where the boys locker were and I entered the bathroom to wash my face, I opened the tap and was pouring water on my face when I was tapped my someone.

I slowly turned and saw it was daryl

"Hey there Captain you scared the shit outta me, I thought that creepy nun In conjuring  came for me, so waddup man" I said.

"I need your help, by tomorrow night all the teenagers in dallas are gonna be in more danger" daryl blurted and I laughed

"Seriously man this isn't star wars" I sarcastically answered, I mean is he crazy

"No I mean it man and I have a secret" daryl said and flashed red eyes at me with his teeth growing a long sharp canine

Woah man I stepped backwards lightly

"What are you man?" I asked still stepping back "I understand if you got lasers implanted in your eyes but your teeth uhuh" I shook my head

"I Am a wolf I need a pack, I need your help" daryl begged

"What do u want me to do" i asked

"Be like me" he whispered, "and how do I do that" I asked

Be a wolf, cool!!!!!

"This way" he said and bit me

Hey guys sorry for the late updates, I have just been so busy lately and am working on a new story am gonna update it when we get the mere luna to 5k

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