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"Do you see him?" 

I gasped in my bed and my hands pressed against my head as the sound of loud train tracks squeaks. I was fully awake, I might have been drifting off asleep before, but now, I'm awake and aware that there were trains coming to a stop, which bloody hurts your ears.

I sat up, slightly panicking as orange lights were out my bedroom window, colouring the darkroom. My whole room was shaking, and so, I grip onto the side of the bed, squeezing my eyes shut wishing this would just stop

I gasped again, as the lamp in my room switched on, my eyes widening as my mum enters my room. "Stacey, what's wrong?" Mum asked, looking very tired. I woke her up. The one night she gets off, I wake her up. 

"Did you hear that?" My voice cracks and I looked around my room which looked identical to my brother's. 

"I heard you screaming," Mum told me softly. 

"No. It was the sound of a train passing through my room." I pant. 

Mum looked at me, sympathy showing her face. "Oh, honey, you were having a nightmare." Mum cooed me. I frown and shake my head. 

"No, I wasn't. It wasn't a..." I was cut off by Mum. 

"Well, there wasn't a train and we haven't had an earthquake, so..." Mum sighed. "It just must've been a really bad dream." Mum smiled softly at me before she closed the door, leaving me and my mouth hung open. 

"But I wasn't asleep." 

Later that night, I couldn't fall asleep and I heard my brother walking up the stairs as I had left my door open. I had been to the toilet five times, yet I didn't need to go. "Scott," I call out softly, knowing too well that he had heard me. 

I heard him open his door and he entered mine and I was sitting cross-legged on my bed and he was shirtless, and he smiled over at me. "Hey, Stace," Scott answered my call, leaning on my doorway. 

 "Anything interesting happens tonight?" I asked, looking over at him. I saw him nod. I smiled. I moved over on my bed and pat the spare seat next to me. "Come tell your favourite sister," 

Scott sat down next to me and sighed. "The Ghost Riders were at the school tonight. Mason and Corey, they saw them... they can't remember what they were doing." 

"They saw them?" 

"Yeah... well, when Corey was invisible," Scott explained and I nodded. 

"Oh," I softly said. "Well, I haven't had the best night, either. Mum woke up to me screaming apparently, and well, you probably won't believe me but I swear to god there was a train passing through my bedroom. I can't explain it, and, I wasn't even asleep." 

Scott sighed. "We'll figure it out, Stacey, I promise." Scott then pulls me in for a side hug, and I took it. I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me. He kissed the side of my forehead. "Night, Stacey, I love you." 

"I love you, too." I smiled at him, I unleashed my arms, and he got up and left, walking towards his room. My eyes then wander over to my bored, and I scanned all my photos that were there. I noticed than one of them was missing, so, I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, and I got up. 

I walked one step before I cringe as I felt something tap my foot. I closed my eyes, and I opened them. I bend down to pick out a pin that had fallen on the ground, and I noticed blood started to drip from my foot. 

Oh well. 

Walking over to the photo wall, I did. My eyes wandered down to the ground and there was a photo on the ground. Since when did this photo fall? Bending down, I picked it up and flipped the photo over. 

It was me, Lydia, Malia, and Scott on our first day of school. There was a gap next to me, and I frown slightly. I then smile, it was our first day of school. I then reached over to the board, and I pinned it back where it belonged. 

The next morning, I walked through the doors off Beacon Hills high school hallway entranced. I watch students walk by me, some were smiling at me, others didn't care. I continued to walk down the hallways, holding my books close to my chest. 

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