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As I pedaled faster I spotted Bill in the distance.

"BILL!"I scream as loud as I can as a few more tears fall down my face.

He doesn't hear me.

"BILL!!"I scream louder getting his attention this time,he turns around quickly seeing me about to crash from my blurry vision.

I hop off my bike and run to him.
I instantly wrap my arms around him and he doesn't hesitate to do the same.

"Emily w-w-w-w-whats wrong?
Where's B-b-b-b-beverly?"Bill asks as I sob into his chest.

"IT took her!"I says as I grip onto his shirt tighter.

"What?"he questions

"IT!"I say letting go and facing him,I wipe my tears away and his eyes widen.

"We h-h-h-have to tell the others!"he exclaims before getting on his bike,I run back over to mine and do the same.
As soon as im on my bike I start pedaling after Bill.

(Time skip)
Me and Bill arrive at the arcade,the home of the infamous Richie Tozier.
We hop off our bikes and run into the busy building filled with loud kids.

We look around until we spot Richie at the,you guessed it,street fighters game.
We ran over to him.

"Richie!"Bill yells as we get closer,he doesn't even look our way.

"Richie!"I yell this time making him look at me for a second before going back to his game.

"What do you want?"he questions

"You see that guy im hitting,I'm pretending it's you Bill"Richie says

"IT got Beverly"Bill tells him.

"What are you talking about?"

"IT,Richie"I say more sternly making him look at me,his eyes widen at my tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes.

A boy with a cast sat at a wooden table inside a home.
As he sat there a phone rang from across the table.

He stood up and walked over to the tannish phone.

"Hello?"he answered as he looked down at his cast that now says "Losers"
He took the liberty of writing a red "V" over the "S" making it say "Lover"

"Ok,I'll be there"he answers again as he looks around nervously.
He then ends the call by putting the phone back in its holder.

He starts to walk towards his front door when his mom comes into view.

"And just where do you think you're off to?"she asks,hands on her hips.

"Out with my friends"he answers bluntly

"Sweetie,you can't go,you're getting over your sickness remember?"she says looking at the tiny boy.

"My sickness?"he questions

"Ok,what sickness mom?
Do you know what these are?
They're "gazebos!"
They're bullshit!"he yells throwing the orange bottle of pills on the ground making it burst open and send the little things everywhere.

"They help you Eddie,I had to protect you"his mom says

"Protect me?"he questions

"By lying to me and keeping me locked inside of this hellhole?"he continues

"I'm sorry,but the only people trying to protect me were my friends,and you made me turn my back on them when I really needed them.
So im going"he says before storming past him mother and out the front door.

No!"his mom yells after him as he stomps outside.

"You get right back here"she exclaims as he grabs his bike.

"Im going to see my friends"is all he said before pedaling away from his yelling mother.

A group of friends ride their bikes down the road before turning onto Neibolt st.
They pull up to the house they dread the most.

We all drop our bikes and go to stand in the yard.

Spikes"Bill says motioning towards the spikes on the ground.

I look around at everybody and notice Eddie ripping his fanny pack off before throwing it in the yard somewhere.

We all then begin to walk up the steps and towards the rusted,rotten door.
Bill opens it and we all walk inside.

"Stan?"Ben questions making us turn around seeing the curly headed boy standing at the entrance.

"Stan,we all have to go,Bevvie was right.
If we split up like last time that clown will kill us one by one.
But if we stick together,all of us,we'll win.
I promise"Bill says to the boy,he doesn't move though.

I then look at him with tears forming in my eyes.

"Stan...please"I beg,my voice cracking.

He looks at me and steps in,I smile and and go up to him hugging him.

"Thank you"I whisper into his ear as I let go,he smiles.

After that little moment we walked down the old,creaky rotten stairs and towards the well.

As we got closer I kept getting an uneasy feeling like someone was watching us.
I shrugged it off and followed the boys.

"Eddie,you got a quarter?"Richie asks

"I wouldn't want to make a wish in that fucking thing"Eddie says making me snort,the guys look at me and I blush looking away embarrassed.

"Did you just snort?"Richie asks

"U-uh no..?"I say more like a question

"That was fucking adorable"he adds making me blush more.

Ben then looks down the well.

"Beverly!"he yells as it echoes down the hollow concrete walls.

"How are we supposed to get down there?"Mike asks,I turn and look around spotting a chain,hook and rope.

"There"I say pointing at it,the guys then grab it and set it up making sure it's safe.

Once they deem it as safe,I look down it one more time seeing the erie black void at the bottom.
I gulp and stand back shaking.

"Alright"Mike says as Bill stands in front of everyone.
I'm guessing he was gonna climb down first,all I knew was that I am going down last because then I have the chance to procrastinate until then.

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