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"Georgie is dead.
Stop trying to get us killed too!"Richie exclaimed

"Georgie's not dead"Bill denied

"You couldn't save him but you could still save yourself"Richie said walking towards Bill.

T-t-t-take that back!
You're scared and we all are but take that back!"Bill yelled pushing Richie.

Richie's eyes widened but he pushed Bill back with the same amount of force.
Bill then raised his fist and punched Richie sending him to the ground.

I gasped

"Bill!"I exclaimed kneeling down to Richie.

"Ow fuck!"I yell out holding my side, Stan helps me stand as I help Richie up with the help of Mike.

"You're such a loser!"Richie calls out while being held back by Stan and Mike.

"Richie just-"I start but get cut off by him.

"You're a bunch of losers!
Get us all killed!
While trying to catch a clown!"Richie exclaims as he tries to get out of the guys' grip.

"Stop!"Beverly yells making everyone stop.

"This is what IT wants!"She says

"IT wants to divide us"she continues

"We were all together when we heard it,THAT'S why we're still alive!"Bev exclaims

Well I plan to keep it that way"Richie says before going over to his bike purposefully bumping into Bill on the way.

Stan followed him,along with Ben and Mike.

"Mike"I say making him look at us.

"Guys"he says turning to us

"I can't do this,my grandad was right I'm an outsider,gotta stay that way"he says before getting his bike and riding away like the rest of them.

I sigh and watch them go,on the verge of tears at how easily they could have left us.

"Here for you refills Eddie?"the pharmacist behind the counter asked the short boy,who now has a bright white cast on his arm.

"Yea"he replies

"You know it's all bullshit right?"a girl from behind the counter says as well.

"What is?"Eddie asks

"Your medication,they're placebos" she says

"What's a "pa-cee-bo" mean?"the little boy asks confused.

"Placebo,means bullshit"she tells him.

"No friends huh?"she asks making him raise a brow.

"Your cast.
No signatures or anything?
So sad"she says chewing a piece of gum.

"I don't want it to get dirty"he lies

"Oh,I'll sign it for ya"she says before standing up and grabbing a black marker.
She walks to the counter and leans over it while opening the marker.

She starts writing then stops and stares at him for a second while chewing her gum before writing again.

He looks down and his eyes widen before they droop down with sadness as he looks down.

(Time skip)
Bill had called and asked for me and Bev to meet him somewhere.
As she got her bookbag I put my converse on.

When we were ready we ran downstairs and towards the front door.
I got in front and went to open it only to see a master's lock attached to the wall stopping me from opening it.

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