Chapter 11

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I know this scene is pre Dr Jasper scene with Argent but I wanted to put in and Aida & Argent scene after he shifted.

Big cliff hanger ahead!

Aida POV

It's been three hours. And I'm still in shock.
Three hours  and one second exactly since I watched the most attractive guy I have ever seen, transform into a wolf. Just like that.

For some reason, I was not even that scared. Don't get me wrong, yes, a guy, split apart in mid air and poof! Turned into a wolf. Yes that was terrifying. But I was not afraid that he would hurt me. Not even a bit. Something from within me  told me he would never do anything to cause me harm.

Maybe that's my lack of lunch meds talking? I don't know. It's a feeling. I can't explain it. I just feel comfortable with him. And for as long as I can remember in my life, I have never felt comfortable with anyone. Ever.

Well, I do sometimes have a dream about a woman singing to me, I can't see her face but her voice is high and sweet and the song she sings is always the same. In that dream I always feel comfort.

I have either been alone or socially awkward my entire life. But with this boy, I am neither.

Even as we walked back to the institution together and snuck back in, avoiding the nurses and making it back to my room, It was as if we had been friends for years. Simple. Easy. I like it.

I think I am still in shock. It's a lot to process. The boy. The wolf. My realisation that maybe somewhere along the line, I may have been lied to? My head was spinning with questions.

Argent stays with me as long as he can But he wants to catch Dr Jasper as soon as possible. He won't exactly say why but I know he wants to discuss with him the fact that he believes I am a wolf. And seeing as though Dr Jasper apparently is a wolf too, Argent is perplexed as to how the Dr didn't know?

I don't know if I believe that I am. It sounds nice, romantic even, the thought of being a part of such a strong supportive group. The pack. I have never had that.

I look at the beautiful dark haired Argent standing close to the window.

I have a strange urge to run and throw my arms around his strong back and never let go.

But I don't. Instead I say,

"Maybe Dr Jasper did in fact know I was a wolf but he believed it better that I didn't know? Because I am unwell. He has always seemed to genuinely care about my wellbeing since I moved here."

Argent scoffed and looked slightly pissed off at that last part.

"Its a gift being like us, Aida. A union between wolf and person. It is sacred. To mess with that, it is forbidden. And punishable by death. If I find out he knew and has somehow hurt you, he is done."

He looks so sincere. So serious. This harsh Argent is different to what I have seen. It's pretty damn attractive!

If I am a wolf I have so much to learn. But even if I am not, the fact that this boy, who knows nothing of me other than the few hours we spent together today, he wants to try to help me. I have no clue why.

No matter what happens, I will always have that to hold onto.

And for once in my 17 years, I feel hope.

He stands before me and places his hands on my shoulders. I look into his eyes. How can you feel so at ease with someone you just met?

"No matter what happens in the next few hours, I will be back and I will have answers for you."

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