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Chapter One

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*** Hello guys! Thank you for checking out my story.

Since this story is about the blossoming romance between two movie stars, Jada and Tristan, I've decided to include clips from romance/romantic comedy films to reflect the tropes in romance literature. Along with some great love songs, of course. I hope you enjoy them as you read through the story!

And now... ***

It was supposed to be a day like any other.

When Tristan woke up that morning, he knew things would be busy on-set. Things have a tendency to get crazy during any film shoot—no matter how well organized, there were always a few hiccups. Lighting not being right or a temporarily missing prop. Aside from those frenzied moments, he wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary. But this one day would change everything. His career. His love life. His state of sanity. All of it. 

But first came the misleading part, where he stepped into the studio and received his usual royal treatment. As the leading star of a highly anticipated romantic comedy, Love Locket, the crew was told to keep Tristan happy.   

"Tristan, would you like some coffee?" A PA came up to him, a prepared cup already in his hand.

"Thanks, Andrew," Tristan said, giving the production assistant a charming smile. He received more cheerful greetings along his way, with offers to get him whatever he needed.

Tristan didn't think he was too difficult to please. The coffee and a place to sit and go over lines were all he needed. Honestly, it was his co-star who demanded vast amounts of attention. Angela might be his leading lady on screen, but she was far from being one in real life. Instead, she was bossy, petulant, and conceited. She'd also become scarily clingy since they'd started hooking up off camera.

Tristan kicked himself over that decision. Sure, she was drop-dead gorgeous, but it hadn't been worth it. After a few dinners and sleepovers, she seemed to be operating under the delusion that she and Tristan were a couple. Unfortunately, it was a popular assumption he dealt with regularly. What could he say? He liked beautiful women. He liked sleeping with them too. He tried to be upfront with them about not wanting anything serious. But still, they clung. Tristan had suffered quite a few claw marks because he refused to be tied down to anyone. Period.

Because of this, it was no surprise that Tristan's friend and director, Ren Kurosawa, knew Tristan was edgy about seeing Angela.

"She's not here yet," Ren said as he walked up to Tristan. His voice, which typically came out with a calm yet bored tone, held a bit of an edge. If it was one thing Ren hated it was a lack of punctuality. Actually, Ren hated a lot of things. He was prickly, but that's what made him great at his job—attention to details and high expectations. Ren's impressive work ethic was exactly why he was such a successful director at the age of thirty-two. Yet, clearly working with Angela was going to give Ren premature grays. Judging by his frustrated sigh, he wouldn't work with Angela again, if his life depended on it.

"That's not surprising." Tristan purposefully goaded him. Aware of his friend's tactics, Ren gave him a look that had "Shut Up or Else" written all over it.  He jerked his head towards the dressing room.

"Hair. Make up. Wardrobe. You know the drill," Ren said.

Like a good soldier, Tristan did as he was told. When he walked into the hair and makeup department, he saw Jada. The woman certainly didn't need any.

She was stunning in her own right: caramel brown skin with breathtaking, hazel, doe eyes. She had a slender frame but with curves in the right places. And that hair. She had a shockingly bright red, curly, pixie cut that screamed: "Notice Me!"—although Jada never raised her voice.

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