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                       Maddie's p.o.v
I woke up to my alarm clock today was the first day of my new school i was kind of scared because I normally always get bullied I dont know why though. I was walking to school when 5 boys walked up to me and started to mess with me.

Daniel-I'm Daniel.
Jack-I'm Jack.
Zach-I'm Zach.
Corbyn-I'm Corbyn.
Jonah-And in Jonah.
(And were why dont we sorry had to)
Maddie-Hi I'm Maddie.
Jack-Your new right.

Then Jack pushed me back Zach caught me and pushed me on the floor. Why was I being bullied. I didn't even do anything oh my god are these my forever high school bullies.

Daniel-Lets go guys wait....
Jack-What is your locker number?
Maddie-sev-sev-seventy three.
Zach-You got her Jack.
Maddie-Who is the worst.
Jack-Well lets show her.
Jonah-lets go.

They just walk away oh my god Jack is walking over to me. He pushed me against the locker, kicked me in the stomach,laughed as I fell,he put me in his locker,and I was to scared to even talk.

Jack-You can come out when I come back.

I can normally never talk to anyone because my mom is always on business trips and she called me.

Mom-Honey when you get home a women with the last name Avery is going to come by our house she is my friend you'll be staying with her.
Maddie-Ok bye.

I dont even know who those people are just know that my brother wont be happy with me staying at some people house. Oh yah my brother is Chance Sutton. Yup I'm Maddison Sutton. Then I heard talking.

Girl-Hey Avery.
Jack-UGH Gabbie. 
Gabbie-Wanna hang at my place today.
Jack-Ew no for 2 reasons I dont like you and my mom said we are going to have a visitor.

Oh no I'm staying at my bullies house.

Jack-Time to get out of the locker.
Jack-Shut up or else.

I already knew what the or else was and I was fine with out knowing. 

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