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the next day he decided to tell zach about the girl he met to maybe find out what kind of background she had. he knew who she was alright.

He found out that she had been been a witness of her parents' death. she says it was her father but there were no evidence to prove so.

He also found out that she was an insane piece of shit and that everybody called her 'the devil' or 'satans child' behind her back but nobody had voiced that in front of her face from fear.

but zach also told him to stay away from her, that she is no good. but jesse felt like she had a fairly non-twisted part. heck everybody had. everybody had two parts, the twisted and the normal.

jesse just lay in bed thinking of the million mysteries surrounding lucifers life but nothing came to mind. he decided for a midnight drive. he had class the next day but it wasn't awfully early. at about twelve so he was good. he took his keys and went outside to his car. there was no rule that mentioned leaving campus at night so he thought he was good to go. he drove into the night without a second thought. he went around for hours not aiming for a stable destination.

after some time he decided he would stop somewhere he can think. he then saw a river bank and it was much likely empty. he got out of the car and the chilly air hit his bare arms which made him shiver lightly. he then got reminded that he hadn't brought a jacket or hoodie. so he was basically cursed for the night. he went ahead towards the bank and he saw something near a tree and he walked close to see who it was or in this case even a what. It seemed to a who, now when he got close enough he knew it was a she.

"hello?" he asked.

"what are you doing here?" he immediately knew who it was.



"I was just driving off and i decided to stop."

"hmm alright."

"why are you here?"

"i have my reasons. this place is near my house."

"near? but this place is like an hour and a half away from campus."

"im aware."

"then why don't you live in the dorm circle."


"huh alright then."


"so you seem quite the scare on campus what's up with that?"

"thats none of your buisness."

"uhm alright."

they just sat there in silence. jesse parted his lips to say something but decided not to. lucifer was way too out of it. she didn't converse and neither could you pull a straight answer out of her. all at once lucifer stood and started walking straight into the woods.

"where are you going?"

"nowhere." she mumbled with the fresh lit cigarette between her teeth.


"what." she turned around to face him.

"it's dangerous out there."

"and so am i so we blend well together. now piss off." she turned again and continued walking ahead. jesse decided to let her go since he had no idea where she headed off to. he went back to his car and turned around on his way back home.

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