SWMA | Warning Signals!

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"Can you hear it?" I said enthusiastically.

"Obviously," he replied dryly. "Since of course, it's right in front of me."

I rolled my eyes and sighed, admiring the beautiful sight. The water spring was so lovely that I almost felt bad about washing my germs in it. Almost.

I skipped to the edge and smiled at my reflection. Kneeling, I placed my hand in the water and sighed as the cold liquid chilled my fingers.

The water spring fell from a source and my eyes followed the movement of the water. It came down like a waterfall but was smaller, way smaller, like a mini-waterfall. It would lie vertically for a long moment before going down again, repeating the process.

I turned back and grinned at Jack who stood behind watching me intently. His gaze shifted when he saw me looking at him and I couldn't help but frown.

"The water's cool," I commented, getting up and walking towards him. He turned to face me.

"Then we better hurry," he muttered and brushed past me, bumping into my shoulder as he did.

I let out a surprise yelp but didn't retaliate. Instead, I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Just ignore that pompous jerk.

I huffed. I was also angry at him for what he did to me but then I managed to put a smile on my face and acted like it didn't matter at all. When it did so much.

At least I was being reasonable!

I watched him saunter to the spring's edge and tug at his shirt. I diverted my attention to the spring quickly, not wanting to be caught gawking at him again.

I gazed at the spring and sighed. It was just so alluring and tempting. A rainbow sparkled at where the water plundered down and my gaze drifted to the tall, fat green trees surrounding the spring. Some large rocks with algae spread on their surfaces laid idle at the two sides of the spring as other rocks could be seen in the spring.

The branches of the trees surrounding the spring extended over the water source and the leaves that stuck on those branches hovered over the spring like a canopy, giving the place a darkish appearance.

I averted my gaze from the beautiful scene and towards Jack, eyeing him one last time before searching for a place to remove my clothes. I was certainly not going to stand where I was and strip. I'd rather do it somewhere where I would be sure that no one, meaning Jack, was watching. Though it'd be no use since he'd already seen me before, I still wanted to maintain the distance between us.

I caught sight of a thin tree beside the edge of the spring and walked towards it.

Standing beside it and dropping my backpack to the ground, I took off my skirt and shirt. I hung the removed clothes on the tree's branch, picked up my bathing soap and shampoo from my backpack and turned to face the water.

With only my undies on and leaving my things just by the edge, I plunged into the chilling water and it immediately engulfed me in its cool shivery arms.

I surfaced and stared at the water falling and splashing down. I swam towards the plunge pool and stared at the small beautiful rainbow it reflected. Little drops of water splashed on my face from where they connected and not bothering to block it, I relaxed to enjoy the view.

"Brenda!" Jack called from behind, startling me. Having no idea when he had entered, I turned to see him looking at me with a frustrated expression.

"What?" I groaned. Couldn't he see that I was in my no man zone?

"Hurry and wash up. We don't have time."

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