(Qannen) there are logos touching the ground

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"OK here," Qannen says, looking up from her screen to see the car speeding towards them. They were sent a ModoSendo XL250 which,,,whatever. It's a block away when another car, a Skirritrex Revolver, skids around a corner and slams directly into the side of the ModoSendo, sending it careening off the road and into a large pile of trash.

The Revolver speeds straight towards the sisters, squealing to a stop at the last possible moment. The Revolver is a three-wheeled vehicle, basically a glorified motorcycle, with a raised, enclosed cab in the back. The door pops open to let the girls in.

"Gotcha, leggo," the driver calls from the front. Goggles, dusty beard and a weather-beaten face. Hundo100, Qannen's screen says, updating her with the new driver information.

They climb into the back. "Sorry about this," Qynka mutters to her sister.

"It's fine," Qannen says. "Who cares. It's here. We just need to get to this meeting at some point in this lifetime."

"Sorry about what?" Hundo100 asks.

"Sorry your car is a piece of junk, no offense," Qynka says. "We're used to having better cars fight over us."

"Ah," he says, nodding like That's fair and pulls away from the curb.

"We're extremely late for a meeting at The Tower," Qannen says. "I can get you a free handjob at Sobbing_Hentai if you get us there on time."

Qynka looks at her sister like What even. "We're already, like, multiple hours past any opportunity we had to be on time."

"On top of which I have absolutely no way of getting him a free handjob," Qannen says.

As the Revolver speeds off they sit back and look at their screens. A zonny clings to the back of the driver's seat, watching them.

Qynka posts a pic of her face glam and cleave, a pic of her dress (holographic semisilk), tagging the brand (Republic of Modern Choice), then smushes herself up against her sister in the back of the cab so they can take 14 pics, of which they post two. Qannen captions hers ALWAY$ C0MiNG BUT N3V3R ON TiM3, while Qynka captions hers A Horrifying Confrontation with the Perception of a Sequential Reality.

Hundo100 drives, expertly swerving around the piles of trash, unless it's easier to just plow right through them, in which case the Revolver sends garbage up in waves around them. He mainly keeps to the roads, but isn't opposed to the utilization of the occasional sidewalk if it means not having to slow down.

Qannen films herself singing along to the new Metromycin single and giving a quick s/o to the boss Hundo100 as payment for the ride.

Qynka stalks Kessl8 a little to see what her deal is. There is no deal. 56k followers, selfies where the rooms behind her exhibit more personality. She Likes none of them. She instinctively starts dancing and mouthing the words to the song when she feels Qannen pointing her screen at her.

They see that Sydrifase posted a picture of their entire open mouth and Qannen comments "I love that place it's where I store my spit," and Qynka comments "wow.f*ck able".

Qannen checks her Mentions and Likes a few of the most most vile and hateful comments about her, then posts some very cogent arguments against the people who support her.

Qynka Likes one hundred or so other pics on the TL that she barely looks at or notices, just trying to catch up.

corporate_bitch_agenda posted a video talking about how happy she was lately. She had been fairly high up in the Qrrashiclan fandom before it dissolved into chaos during the Ramilams situation so this was fraught with politics and neither sister Likes or even lingers too long on it.

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