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After the whole blood ordeal,we had called the guys and let them know.

Right now,Me and Beverly were sitting on the fire escape stairs.
We didn't say a word we only stared.
She had a cigarette in between her fingers but she didn't smoke it.

Soon we heard Richies loud mouth which made us jump up and run down the stairs quickly.
Bev threw the cigarette over the rail.

Once we got down all of them pulled up on their bikes.
We ran over and stopped in front of them.

"We need to show you something"I tell them instantly

"What is it?"

"More than what we saw at the quarry?"Richie says making me blush a tiny bit.

"Shut up!
Just shut up richie!"Eddie yelled

"Our dad will kill us if he found out that we had boys in the apartment" Bev explains

"W-w-w-w-we'll leave a lookout"Bill says

"Now Richie just stay here"Bill adds

"Woah,woah,woah,woah,woah what if her dad comes back?!"Richie exclaims

"Just do what you always do!
Start talking"Stan says making me laugh as we ran up the stairs again.

"Its a gift!"I hear Richie yell after us.

"In there..."I say as we walk towards the bathroom.

"What is it?"Stan asks

"You'll see"I say

"Great bringing us to the bathroom.
You know that 89% of the worst accidents occur in the bathroom and the kitchen"Eddie starts rambling.

"And that's where all the bacteria and fungi are...and it is not a hygienic place!"he continues

"Hey Eddie?"I say making him stop talking.

"Yea?"he asks back

"Be a dear and shut up"I say sweetly making the others laugh.

Beverly then opens the door and everyone but me and Bev gasps.

"Do you see it?"I ask

"Yes"Eddie says gagging after.

"What happened in here?"Bill asks

"Our dad couldn't see it,we thought that'd we might be crazy"Bev says

"Well,if your crazy then we're all crazy"Ben says

(PLAY SONG BUT START IT AT 1:00 because the intro music is hella long)

"We c-c-c-c-can't leave it like this"Bill says and we all look at each other before getting to work.

Bev started cleaning the mirror.

Stan was cleaning the window above the tub,in a way that made him look like he was being controlled.

Eddie was cleaning the wall along with squeezing out the rags,and I was helping.

Eddie also had his inhaler in his mouth the entire time which I found hilariously adorable.

Bill was mopping the floor.

And Ben was cleaning the floor around Bev's feet.

(STOP SONG or you could leave it as back round music idc)

"So you've never been to Derry state fair?"Bill asks me,the others had left to throw away garbage.
I glanced over my shoulder and down the hall seeing Ben staring at us.

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