Chapter 76

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Okay, a lot of you ask me a lot about the chapters and why do the characters do what they do? Well I believe the best part about reading is interpreting characters' thoughts, which is why I write in 3rd person. It gives you insight into everybody's minds, yet it does not dig into the motive behind every single action. 

I leave a lot of clues all over the chapters for you guys to interpret. And hopefully you can predict their motivations behind their actions, but sooner or later, everything gets explained. There are reasoning behind everything, and I don't want to explain things some of you missed (skim reader, I see you!) haha. Anyway... Here's the chapter. 

pS this is more or less the aftermath, so not a lot happens, be warned! Just wanted to help you connect the characters before the wild ride of the next 5ish chapters

PLUS im so ill sorry guys haha


Over the course of his long, over extended life, Zayn Malik lost count of the amount of women he had bedded. Three millenniums and a Casanova like him? The figure was high, and was possibly more than enough to fill the great ballroom within his magnificent palace. However, out of those countless of woman, he had only ever loved three of them…

Mira; she was his first true love, and the woman who will always haunt his dreams. The woman he could have saved… She was his biggest regret. Ironically, out of all of his mind blowing powers, the ability to turn back time was not one of them—and how he wished he could turn back time and get one more day, one more hour, one or minute or even one more second with Mira… He missed her fiercely, and he will always miss her. She had left an unparalleled impact on him. She was the one who had saved him from the darkness the first time round.

Venice; she was his second love, and the one whom he had loved the longest. Though they were each other’s arch enemy, rivalling from opposite sides of the world, and possessed opposite opinions on the matter of how the world shall be ruled. She believed the humans deserved freedom and equality with the supernatural, and that was how she was running Australia. On the other hand, Zayn believed the proper way of ruling humans was, by far, by dominating their every move, control and oppress them, to the point where they had no right, and no say in not only how their world should be, but how to live their life… She was also his first love. Though, their love was one of brother and sister, it was not like the true, romantic love he possessed for Mira.

Evelyn; she was his third and greatest love…

She was the woman who lay peacefully asleep before him as he watched with fascination. He counted the subtle movement of her back—caused by the beats of her heart—the soft inhale and exhales of her lungs. He listened attentively to the way her organs functioned.

He frowned worryingly for a fraction of a moment before shaking the suspicion off and returned his attention to the way sunlight hit her pale, unblemished skin.

Zayn Malik was not the sort of man who enjoyed waking up next to the prey he had ravished the night before. His dominating and controlling nature had turned him into a man who despised sharing; and that included everything from his woman to his bed.

No, he was not one to share.

However, that morning, as the sun rose from the east, Zayn couldn’t help but feel blissfully happy watching Evelyn laying next to him. The way her naked body looked in the vibrant sunlight tugged at his heart.

It was the single most beautiful scene ever to grace his sight. Small parts of him wished he could freeze time, and remain the rest of eternity in that single moment with Evelyn.  She looked so peaceful, so happy and so, so, beautiful whilst she slept.

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