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(May 17th 2018)
"Bae I'm sorry" Omari said stepping closer to me.

"No I'm done you keep playing me I can't do this no more. You say you love me but I swear you fuck every bitch that walks past you!" I shouted.

"So how are we going to fix us?" He asked

"Us? There is no us Omari"

"Well we ain't breaking up so what do you mean there is no us?"

"Exactly what I said. Were done."

I then walked away from him and  walked towards my car. And I was almost there until I felt someone grab my hair and throw me to the grown. I hit my head on the cement really hard. I tried to get up but, the person grabbed my hair again and punched me in the face repeatedly.

I couldn't tell who it was until they finally spoke.

"You ain't getting rid of me bitch." And with that he left.

As soon as I knew he was gone I got up and stumbled my way to the car. Even though it was a little blurry I could still drive. I finally made it home and walked up to the door. When I got in the house I tried to quietly make my way to my room but unfortunately I was stopped.

"Ayye Dre." Chris said sitting up on the couch.


"What were you doing this late? It's 2 in the morning."

"I'm aware. I'm gonna go now, see yo-"

"What's that on your face?"


"Did you get into a fight?"

"No Chris. I'm fine."

"Bruh no you not look at yo face. The fuck?"

I'm actually fine this is not the first time Omari had put his hand on me. I'm use to it now.

"Goodnight chris." I was about to walk away but he grabbed my arm.

"Who did this to you?" He asked.

"Chris I-"

"Tell me now!" He shouted

I didn't know weather to tell him the truth or to lie to him. DJ never really paid attention, and when he did notice he would just shake his head. So to know that Chris actually cared was weird.

"My boyfriend." I said lowly

"Does he always put his hands an you?" Chris asked.

I just nodded my head yeah.

"Damn, I'm sorry Dre."

"Don't be I'm use to it."

"That's the thing a girl should not be used to that." He sighed "What did DJ say."


"Nothing? Does he know?"


"And he just lets it happen?"

"Chris it's really late I have school in the morning and you should get some rest."

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