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I laughed out loud as Niall struggled not to spit out the Vegemite the interviewer had just offered him. The other boys had elected to try various sweets and Harry had a meat pie. Niall grabbed a napkin and choked out the spread while Liam laughed, patting his back. The hosts of the show, Kochie and Mel, had arranged for them to try some Australian food 

"So boys, have you gotten to see much of Sydney?" Kochie asked. 

"We got to go on the harbor yesterday. It was really fun," Liam replied.

"We've actually got some pictures. Shall we take a look?" Mel smiled, and turned to look at the screen behind her. The first photo was of Niall raising a beer bottle in the air, smiling like an idiot. "So you like to drink?"

"I mean I'm Irish," Niall laughed, throwing up his hands.

The screen shifted to show a picture of Zayn looking over the edge of the yacht. He was grinning and I guessed it was because I had just dunked Niall under the water. "What's got you so smiley, Zayn?" Mel asked as the picture changed to show him laughing with Louis.

"I just love this weather. We've been in England for two months so this is pretty much paradise." The other boys nodded agreement, but Mel already had a plan.

"Is it the weather, or is it this lovely girl?" She looked at the screen which displayed an image of Zayn helping me to sit down on the boat. It changed to now show a picture of Zayn and I snuggling. The picture morphed into one of the two of kissing passionately. "You two just can't keep your hands off each other. can you?

"They're the absolute worst. The PDA is out of control," Harry interjected before Zayn could say anything. 

"Oh shut it. We're not that bad," Zayn told him. 

"The evidence seems to be in my favor," Harry pointed out, looking at the image on the screen.

"You would kiss her every second of every day if you had a girl as beautiful as I do," Zayn said defensively.

The crowd let out an awww as he said that, and I could feel my cheeks turning crimson even though I was backstage. "So you're in a happy relationship," Kochie commented. He looked back to the screen which showed a photo from the concert where Zayn sang into my belly. "And you're going to be a dad! Congratulations!"

Zayn couldn't keep the grin off his face nor the excitement out of his voice when he nodded, saying, "she's due in about two months."

"Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" Mel asked. 

He shook his head. "We want it to be a surprise. But I bet it's one of each."

"You're having twins?" Kochie spluttered. "Wow. When my daughter was born I barely slept for months. Good luck with twice the noise." He smiled to show he was joking, and all the boys laughed.

"Look at you two," Mel sighed when the picture showed Zayn and I laughing at something. "You look absolutely smitten."

"She's a great girl," he said in way of agreement.

"Well, if you want to keep her, better put a ring on it," Mel teased, pointing to her own hand. 

"You know, it's funny you should mention that," Louis joked. "We told him something similar."

"Which is why I actually did about two months ago." Zayn's grin was matched by all the other boys. "Gemma Carlisle has agreed to do me the honor of becoming my wife."

The audience erupted into cheers while I nearly fell over. Paul grabbed me, keeping me from falling to the floor. "Easy there, Gem. Not a good time to take a tumble."

"WOW!" Mel exclaimed. "You're getting married. Congratulations!"

"Thanks. We're really excited!" He smiled.

"Well, I think we're about out of time," Kochie said. "Zayn Malik is getting married. Sorry ladies, but he's off the market. You heard it here first! Live from Sydney, it's Sunrise. Goodbye everyone!"

As the cameras clicked off the boys all joked around with the interviewers, who were busy congratulating Zayn. When he finally made it back into his dressing room he grinned at me and pressed a kiss to my lips. "Now the whole world knows how much I love you."

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