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gayoung whined and tried to get out of bed, but could only yell in pain from her aching body.

joohwi shook her head and sighed, "no you're not going to school today. you're going to stay home and recover until you're good to go."


"hoe shut your stubborn ass up okay?" joohwi sighed. "our parents are at work and our brothers just went off to work, so i called someone to look after your ugly ass."

"i swear if you called taeil's friend, lee taeyong, i'm going to cry," gayoung shivered, remembering when taeyong was basically her second mom.

don't get her wrong though, they are good friends since taeyong would come over nearly everyday with junhui and taeil. the sad truth is, your parents love taeyong more than gayoung and taeil, their actual children.

"oh no not just him," joohwi giggled. "i already locked all the doors so if you hear a door or window open, run to our neighbor. now if you excuse me, i gotta go school."

"whatever get out of my house," gayoung shooed her away. "wait! get me some snacks on the way home!"

joohwi gave her a glare before mumbling, "fine."


the doorbell rang and in that instant, gayoung remembered joohwi's words.

oh no not just him.

gayoung gasped, "holy cow she freaking called two people and one of them is taeyong?! dear lord please not let it be doyoung too."

she rapidly cleaned her room before rushing downstairs. since she ran so fast, she couldn't stop herself just in time and ran into the door.

a loud familiar laugh was heard on the other side of the door, "dumbass, are you okay?!"

"i-i'm good!" she quickly opened the door, and shrieked.

taeyong shrieked after hearing gayoung, "why are you yelling?!"

"uhm why are YOU yelling?!" gayoung argued back. she calmed down, "anyways hi taeyong and..."

her eyes trailed off to the boy standing next to him and shrieked even more, "nA JAEMIN WHY ARE YOU HERE?!"

he grinned innocently and showed her a peace sign, "to look after my sick princess of course."

taeyong winced, "my ears hurt, how does taeil even deal with this every damn day?"

"because he's cool," gayoung shrugged. "i see that doyoung's not here, thank god—"

a head poked in from the side with an evil smile, "bitch you thought."


"ew seriously?" doyoung made a face as he cooked breakfast.

gayoung had explained to them everything that had happened to her that caused her to become like this: aching all over her body and becoming weaker.

taeyong shook his head, "damn, school kids are getting scarier and scarier at every generation. i wonder how johnny even deals with those wild things."

"he's a wild thing himself," doyoung simply stated, sighing afterwards. "how's gayoung putting up?"

"she's sleeping," jaemin chuckled softly, his soft gaze never leaving her.

gayoung laid on the sofa as taeyong treated her wounds and jaemin sat on the floor, right next to where gayoung's head laid. jaemin rested his head onto his arm that rested onto the cushion parallel to gayoung's head.

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