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I stare up to the ceiling , debating if I should go into work today.I work in a local supermarket which is about a 10 minute drive from my house.And sometimes I get called in to clean a youth club, but that's only during night time.

With all the money I have saved up it won't be long until I can afford a car. But I have no other choice but to walk , the crappy buses don't run this way and I have zero intentions of riding a bike.

My house is a reasonable size,its more of a modern cottage then anything .It was left in the will for me so I don't have to pay any bills.But id much rather have my family instead.

My parents died a few years ago in a car accident , I'm an only child but I have a social worker who checks up on me when she can be bothered to waddle her fat ass down here.

I set out my usual work clothes and make some breakfast whilst I wait for the shower to heat up.Once I'm dressed I lock the door and begin the hike to work.

As I'm walking I can't help but feel like someone is watching me , I begin to panic convinced I was gonna be killed, should I scream? use it's not like anyone will hear me.I just brush it off knowing I'm to tired to care about anything, besides I would feel sorry for my kidnapper I'm a heavy sleeper and a super cow when I'm tired.

The next song on my playlist seemed to brighten up my mood when I started singing.
"Who dat? who dat? IGGY do dat do dat IGGY ......I'm soooo FANCY!"By the time my playlist had Finished I was already outside the supermarket.I shrugged of my jacket and put all my stuff away,I signed in and began doing my daily tasks.

7 rude customers, 4 paper cuts , 3 spills and 2 deliveries later I had finally finished ,9hrs a day is to much. It was 8:30 and I was finishing of before I left, I was out the back getting rid of the rubbish when I felt that same feeling. Someone was watching and I knew I wasn't imagining it as I saw them at the corner of my eye .

I dropped the rubbish in the bin and slowly turned towards the dark figure standing the street.

Being the idiot I am I decided to strike a conversation with this man, because after all asking a scary psycho killer man what he's doing standing outside a shop staring at a young girl who is all alone , is such a good idea.Why am I so stupid!

"Hello?" I call out

Oh and guess what no answer , what a surprise.As much as I would love to get to know this man , I decided against it when I sprinted back inside, checking the door was shut behind me.

I went out front to get my stuff and to get a few supply's. It was getting darker outside so I needed to make it quick, whilst I was getting my last items I felt a chill throughout my body, out of instinct I turned round and what I saw made my jaw drop.

A beautiful man stood in front of me. His enchanting grey eyes , had me weak at the knees, his brown hair, the way he held his head high, he must work out because the muscles on him were bulging through his shirt.And his smile was so seductive, I wanted to lick his face. I was biting my lip so hard I'm certain it was bleeding.

"Rogue" he said in a low husky voice , his English accent was thick and sexy.Wait OMG how does he know my name!!
A smile was spread across his face , clearly amused by the confusion and fear in my face.He cleared his throat and pointed towards my right breast.My heart raced, what the hell is he going to touch my boob....please just do it .

"Errr says in your name tag" he stated

Earning an embarrassed giggle from me.

"Where's the vodka?" He continues to speak

"Isle 7"

"Thanks , rogue"

Without saying anything else I turned away and ran to the till as I was paying, so was the man.I tried to avoid eye contact by reading the labels on the food ,but every time I looked up he was looking at me.

When I finished I ran out the door , looking back once more , there he was the man was still looking at me. I don't care how beautiful he is , he's a freak.

When I returned home I put all the food and supply's away.I heated up some left over food and sat in front of the tv.Once I finished my food my eyelids were getting heavy and sleep was taking over my body.

'knock knock'

The sound of the door made me jump, I checked my phone. 2:00am who the hell is that.

I grabbed my wooden baseball bat and slowly creeped upstairs.

"Rogue?,i know you're in there, come on beautiful I just wanna play " the person taunted, humour was heard in his voice.

I didn't hear anyone get in maybe they have left. As scared as I am,I was quite excited nothing normally thrilling happens in my life. I turned my concentration from the door and began searching for my spare phone. "yes!"


That's when I saw the door slowly open, I turned around and there he was the man from the supermarket.

"Are you serious?" I asked seriously pissed off.

"Ouch, not the greeting I was looking for" he joked

"What are you doing here,what do you want ?"

"Woah,woah whats with all the questions?Look lets just cut to the chase, I'm gonna take you now and we're gonna go somewhere you can either come quietly or you can make a fuss like they do in the movies know the whole 'I'm not going down without a fight' bullshit "he quotes

Without thinking I swung the bat round and it connected to his head. In my head he was supposed to fall down and I would get away , so you could imagine the shock when the bat shattered into a million pieces.

My jaw dropped when the skin on his face healed and the blood disappeared.

"I know cool right " he boasted

"What just happened"

"Hello I'm a vampire ... I thought it was obvious "

"No seriously are you ok ?" I asked

"Girls" he sighed. Shining his perfect smile , I was terrified when I saw a pair of fangs in his mouth

"Oh my god a vampire !" I screamed

"Ahh! WHERE? ....where is it!" He screamed whilst running round my room

"Really, was that necessary ?" I asked

"This isn't going how I expected , I thought you would scream ,cry and beg for mercy the norm but you don't look very scared"

"Well it's hard to take you seriously , when you were screaming like a little girl"

"Fuck this ....sleep" a powered substance and be thrown into my face and with that last word I fell into a deep sleep.

Thanks for reading ,this chapter was boring but I wanted to introduce rogue and her life more. Comment and vote to let me know what you think.

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