Chapter 2

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His lips form a lazy smirk, and he raises his fingers.


And the candle light diminishes.



You try to steady your breathing as a few growls around you ring in your ears.

''h-hey guys, nice meeting you but I gotta go-'' I stutter, fumbling around in the dark.

where the hell's the door at?

A hand slithers round my waist, thrusting me backwards into a pair of arms.

''you know why dark is spelled with a k instead of a c?'' the smooth voice inquires.


'' can't c in the dark'' he chuckles, his fingers tracing along my jaw.

''dead joke, Jin hyung'' Jimin scoffs, who also seemed nearby. A small hand suddenly grabbed my wrist, pulling me into their embrace.

''you know...'' he whispered, the heat of his breath washing over my ear. ''something's wrong with my teeth...they keep thinking about your neck...'' he licked it gently, before another set of hands pulled me away.

this is I some sort of pass the parcel?

''hey expensive girl... I'm a vampire in the streets but a real devil in the sheets~'' the voice chimed, sniffing the exposed part of my shoulder.

''pftttt'' another voice scoffs. ''listen pretty girl, I'm not tryna show off but I turn into an animal in bed. Like literally''

''what the actual- listen I didn't come here to listen to your lame-''

''ah, she's right. Let's get it over with then, huh?'' Hoseok licked his lips.

''man's thirsty'' Yoongi states in agreement, as his footsteps trod along the marble floor.

At this point, even through the darkness I sensed I was centered, enveloped inside a circle of vampires. And they wanted my blood.

In all but a split second, two fangs protruded menacingly out of one their mouths, penetrating through my skin like daggers.

I yelped in pain, as a warm substance trickled down onto my shoulders.

''no fair'' Jungkook growled, licking the blood that oozed out. ''I wanted to bite first''

Taehyung grinned against my skin. '' you believe in love at first bite?''

''owwwhhh'' I whined.

A few droplets of tears formed in my eyes, and I stood there defenseless, allowing them each to take a taste.

Their thirst had been quenched, and they had not resisted their temptations. They returned to their senses and forms, and guilt seeped through them immediately on viewing the outcome.

''shit'' Yoongi sighed in regret, looking down at your lifeless body. ''I should've not drank, who needs blood when you got swag?''

''is she...DEAD?'' the 95z liners exclaimed in unison, looking down in horror.

''No...! Even after we made an oath to never drink blood again...'' Jin shook his head.

''I'll never be able to be anyone's (j) hope now'' he muttered solemnly to the ground.

Meanwhile, I lay on the ground, not daring to move a muscle. I listened in astonishment and wondered if these really were the same people from before.

Were they thick in the head or something? Did they really think I'd die after a little bite on the shoulder?

Namjoon watched you cautiously, something bothering him. He tapped his foot on the ground anxiously.

''you noticed it too, huh hyung?'' Jungkook said beside him.

''noticed what?'' the others inquired.

''can't you guys feel it?'' Namjoon retracted his hand back and forth, his eyes gleaming with energy. ''the blood, it tasted different. Deliciously sexy, but unusual. Doesn't your body feel lighter? Stronger?''

The members flexed their shoulders back and forth and began an whole exercising session. ''WOOO!'' Hoseok yelled in delight. ''You're right! I feel like Anpanman!''

''and also...'' Jungkook added, feeling for my pulse. ''when are you going to stop pretending to be dead?''

shit...I mentally cursed. exposed.

I opened one eye and found myself looking up to some surprised faces. Frowning, I sit up abruptly. ''what's up with you guys?''

''rather, what's up with you?'' Namjoon retaliates, voice piercing through the room like a knife. ''not many survive a bite from seven, let alone be this casual and comfortable around a bunch of vampires who almost killed you. What's your deal?'' he stared deeply into my eyes.

''maybe I'm that special minority'' I stated, staring back with just as much intensity. They all watched and listened in amusement.

''no... I see it in your eyes'' he mutters, curiosity brimming in his eyes. ''You're no human...what and who exactly are you..?''

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