♡Backstage Drama♡

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You laughed as you sat at the edge of the bed, watching your best friend, Luisa, as she got ready. You were in her bedroom, and the two of you were preparing to attend a Michael Jackson concert. The both of you were pretty excited because his music was amazing, and he was an inspiration to the whole world.

"I'm so excited!" Luisa squealed as she put on her eyeliner. "We're going to see Michael Jackson!" she exclaimed. "And we have backstage passes to meet the man!"

You laughed whilst shaking your head - Luisa was a character. She always managed to make you smile. You watched her as she finished off her makeup before turning around to face you.

"How do I look?" she questioned.

You stood up and walked over to her, setting your hands on her shoulders.

"You look beautiful," you grinned. "Now can we go? We'll be late!"


At the stadium, everyone was screaming. Michael hadn't come on stage yet, and people were already going crazy. Luisa and yourself were right in the front, getting a good view of everything.

Suddenly, the lights went dim, and a shadow could be seen moving out to the center of the stage. The audience grew louder, and you didn't need to guess whom the shadow belonged to. You knew.

Several moments passed before the music began to play, and the lights turned on - brighter than ever. You could see Michael very well, and as he performed a series of difficult dance moves, you broke into a smile.

He was handsome and talented, smart and thoughtful, everything that a man should be.

"Oh my God!" Luisa squealed from beside you. "He's so hot!"

You giggled and shook your head.

"Ugh! Have my babies!" she screamed, making you double over with laughter.

"Luisa!" you chastised her, making her eyes go wide as she shrugged.

"What?" she questioned innocently. "I just want his babies," she smirked, making you shake your head.

Your best friend never failed to make you laugh.

"This is going to be a long show!" you giggled.


Once the show had ended, you, Luisa, and several other individuals were led backstage, and into a fairly large room. There were security guards everywhere, and you had to admit that you were slightly frightened.

Everyone in the room chattered loudly, clearly excited to meet their idol. However, you weren't as excited as you would have liked to be. For some reason, you were feeling uneasy.

You brought your hand to rest against your forehead. A slight gasp escaped your lips when you realized that you had a fever. Luisa noticed your actions, making her frown.

"(Y/N), you okay?"

"Yeah," you lied.

Luisa opened her mouth to say something, but the room door opened - and Michael walked in. Everyone squealed and ran up to him.

Luisa, however, stayed with you. She had a look of concern painted on her face.

"I'm not...feeling very well," you shook your head, you were extremely dizzy. "Can we leave?"

Luisa nodded and took your hand, leading you out of the room. One of the security guards at the exit stopped you, a serious look on his face.

"Ma'am, the two of you haven't met Mr. Jackson yet," he remarked.

"I know," Luisa sighed. "But my friend isn't feeling very well, and I need to get her home,"

A moment passed before everyone began to leave, leaving you and Luisa alone with Michael.

You tried to leave, but the guard wouldn't let you.

"Excuse me," Michael cleared his throat from behind you. You and Luisa turned around, and you knew that she was struggling to keep her emotions at bay. "What are your names?" he questioned softly.

"I'm Luisa," she held her hand out for Michael to shake. He did so with a smile on his face. "And this is my best friend - (Y/N)," she gestured to you.

Michael's eyes lingered on you for a long moment before he held his hand out to you. You shook it, smiling weakly.

"Unfortunately, my best friend isn't feeling very well - so we need to leave," Luisa sighed.

Suddenly, everything around you turned into a blur. The last thing you remember was collapsing into Michael's arms.

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