I Believe in You

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People all over this world,

Each day.

Are struggling to over come a situation,

Some people simply give in,

and let themselves be consumed by horrid darkness,

Others are fighting for survival,

Fighting to have happiness.

In their inner minds,

and souls.

A conflict is raging deep within side of them,

It may seem so hard,

to stay happy,

and to stay hopeful.

But it isn't that hard.

Remember you are never alone,

You have family,



and me by your side.

You're practically invinceable with everyone's support,

Don't forget that.

Look to the clear blue skies,

Don't look to the down into emptiness,

Freedom is near,

Love will become so much more clearer,

If you truly.

Seek it,

I know you can make it,

You've endured it this long,

Which proves you have such out standing strength,

and  so i know.

You have the strength to win this fight.

I believe in.


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