Chapter 16: I'm out, is that a problem?

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For the readers who don't wanna see them make out can just skip the first bit and go straight to the main story, them making out is just an extra scene to keep the people who do want to see them make out satisfied, aka. me 👍

Love you guys and thanks for reading this far ~ ❤





Allowing access to my mouth I could feel Ken exploring as his wet tongue meets with mine, without much experience in the 'love' department and I thought it would be the same for Ken, but BLOODY HELL THIS BOY IS GOOD. As our tongues fought to become more dominant than the other but really I just copied his moves to cover up my inexperience, this is the one time I regret dying a virgin, internally crying on the inside.

Could it be he had some experience with someone else?, I start to feel bitter.

I felt his warm fingertips wrapped around my torso getting a feel of my body, pulling his body close to mine while grinding his bottom half to mine, "Alex" he gasped for air, his lustful blue eyes looked so exotic, he pulled in for more while slowly shifting his body on top of mine while keeping his lips in contact with mine and won the dominating war against out tongues. Slowly becoming more submissive to his warm touches on my chest and tongue racing, my mind is turning into a mess.

Meanwhile, a certain person who came in the middle of this session and didn't know what to do except, '... Can you feel? My heart beat-' startled by the familiar voice, what the duck, god?!




"Wait! stop!" I push Ken away, "sorry Ken but I'm just not in the mood right now for any of this" I look away embarrassed, "oh I see, no it's fine big bro I-" his voice breaks into sobs as he dashes out of the room "Ken!" he slammed the door.

'uhm....' didn't know what to say 'I-I'm sorry for bothering your fun time, I didn't mean to become that one person in a yaoi story plot that cock block's all the action' God slightly hesitates on what to say, I sigh "It's fine, any way you contacted me about something important right?" I press my back against the wall.

'Oh yeah!' they remembered what they were gonna talk about 'there's something off about where you are' I chuckle "well obviously it's a magical academy something is bound to be off with it" I fidget with my thumb.

'No I don't mean magically off I'm talking about the people in the academy' they paused to think, "what do you mean? what's wrong with the people in the academy?" they thought for a bit 'remember how we would always get cut off before I could tell you anything else?' I nodded hoping they can somehow see that. 

'Well someone in your academy is trying to cut my connection with you and no ordinary person can do this, I believe a demon is residing in your academy' the moment they said 'demon' caught my attention, "what do you mean demon? I didn't know demons exist in the game, there was never a mention in the game how there was a character like that." They paused "God? can you hear me? did the connection cut off again?" there was no response until 'c----can you hear me?' I nodded 'good, now before I lose my connection I'm gonna be quick, don't trust anyone around you! even your family', "wait! even Ken?!" they sigh, 'especially Ken because for some reason I cannot seem to tap into any of their minds, rather I feel however is behind this is draining my power, so remember don't -------'

I couldn't hear them anymore, all I could hear was a crackle until it finally came to a stop, "God?!" there was no response, cracker! I'm on my own!, as I laid down on my bed "trust no one hah" I sighed out of frustration thinking about all the people I know of and the only one that came to mind who could potentially be a demon was.


The very next day, I didn't get much sleep thinking about that odd scene between Haru and Ken, that's the only clue that led me to think he could be the demon, I would ask Ken about it but, it's slightly awkward with him now.

Pulling out a piece of paper that contains my schedule for the day, today is Monday so, morning is alchemy, afternoon is PE, around the evening is elemental training.

This is gonna be pretty fun, I mean back in my world lessons are so boring I would fall asleep in every single last one of them.

Is what I thought but I just had to jinx myself, in my alchemy class there was Natsu sitting right next to me acting a bit creepy writing some unknown things down and Aki using a pen to slide down my spine causing me to shiver, I turn back to ask him to stop him but instead he flashes me a flirty smile "you're cute~" I may be gay but I will never swing in his direction.

When class finally ended several people in the class started whispering while looking at me, oh god what's going on why are they whispering?, I tried to look like I didn't care until a random girl came up to me, "Uhm hello Alex" a bit cocky to use my first name, "uhm is it true?" What is it woman? Speak so that I may leave, "is it true you brought a man back to your dorm last night?" ... What is she- oh she meant Ken, ahhhhh I get it now.

"Yes I did, is that a problem?" She looks at me a bit flustered on what to do so she slowly backed away to her friends to continue whispering.

God I know this is meant to be PG, but if these girls are gonna make some negative consequences to my fate, can I kill them?





End of chapter 16

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