Chapter Twenty-One

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"How is this supposed to help me again?" You asked the man who's hands were on your left bicept and the right side of your waist and was encouraging you to step around to the beat of the music emitting faintly from a jukebox in the the corner of the bedroom.

The same familiar chuckle reached your ears and allowed you the breach in anxiety to laugh at your own indecipherable confusion, your own higher voice melding with his deep one as you joked like good friends. "Should bring back memories," he repeated himself for the umpteenth time in the last few days. The time between when you decided to try to resolve the situation with the fuckery going on inside of your head and now had been spent in the most bland way possible - talking. James spoke about how you'd spent nearly a month (**again, I'm still editing the first 15 chapters**) together in what he assumed to be a romantic relationship, that the two of you had just clicked like nothing he'd ever felt before, and trying to get you to talk about what Notch had done with you over the week spent in his custody. With your trust issues firmly planted in front of you, the hacker was left in the dark as to the strange powers you had discovered to ensure he wasn't planning on using you like the bald-headed snake had tried to.

So here you were, attempting to badly waltz to 'Cat' with James, who had donned an expensive looking black tuxedo with a red undershirt to make your little in-house outing seem more realistic, trying to make memories that could hopefully jar free your own.
The red-eyed hacker in front of you was excellent, stepping with precision and confidence that made you jealous because you were slowing him down, stomping on his feet, and continuously falling over in one direction or another.

"This is really hard," you commented openly as an excuse when you accidentally set your foot down on top of the other male's bare one, which he didn't react to like everything else. "I can barely keep my balANCE!" As if by a curse, you toppled forward while trying to reposition your misplaced foot, slamming directly into your dancing partner. Your head collided with his costly outfit and didn't move from there, as the impact barely even caused the huge man to stumble.

James, surprisingly, didn't seem bothered by your clumsiness - in fact, he was grinning. "You're so cute, (Y/N), flaws and all," the hacker announced as he scooped you up in his arms like a bride who was seriously done with walking around in that overly expensive outfit.

"I have flaws?" You questioned him with a very hard stare up into those two perfect crimson circles, though your face broke into a grin as he corrected his statement by replacing the offending word with differences on the opposite end of the spectrum.

The hacker raised both hands in mock defense, as if he was afraid you might hit him. You just about raised one of your own fists to go along with the gag, but decided a simple continuation of that charming grin you knew you rocked. "No! You're perfect in every way. My mistake." The temptation to further tease the charcoal-black male was heavy on your mind, but you're a merciful human, so you let him off with a smirk.

"That's better," you point out smugly, lifting your chin to rub it in deeper only to realize that it merely seemed like you were looking up at the towering man in front of you. A chord of guilt struck you. "Does your neck hurt from looking down at me?"

James' bemused expression morphed into one of concern. He stretched his neck a little by bending it to one side or the other to test whether or not it was sore, then shook his head. "It wouldn't matter even if it did," he assured you. "You can't help being a short little cutie or that I have more height on you, so don't bother wishing you could." Once again, it seemed as if the mischievous lover could read your thoughts and knew exactly what to say to make you smile. Of course, he'd also called you cute, so you punched his shoulder weakly to redeem your pride and looked downward to hide the redness in your cheeks.

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