Table of Contents / Author's Note: another wip

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1. A Cold and a Rainy Night
2. Santa's Gifts
3. Home Where
4. Doors of Churches
5. Midnight Van to Georgia
6. Bad Eyes
7. The Lady is a Champ
8. Everyone knew Nancy
9. Benny's Jets
10. Walk Away René
11. With My Girl
12. Rise
13. Pardon Me For Breathing
14. Help
15. Can Anybody Find Me
16. Surprises and Nonsense
... to be continued ...
17. Hotel Merryman
18. The Woman in the Mirror
19. All Will Be, Well ...
20. Walking on
21. Time After Time
Appendix: Music

A/N: Here is another unfinished novel (work in progress!). I had promised myself I would finish one of the others first ... But this novel has been languishing for several years, and I've been feeling a bit down and needed something to cheer me up, so I decided to indulge myself. It's a bit different from the others, and a bit the same. Let's see what happens ...
* Music plays a big role in this story, as it so often does. The video above is Smokey Robinson's "One Heartbeat At A Time", a favourite of both the characters and their author. Below is "Yihye Tov (All Will Be Well)", by Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza, from which I borrowed the book's title.

(The last line he sings is "I look from the window/ Maybe I see a new day coming". I guess whoever posted this video was too busy adding sarcastic comments to bother translating that at the end - too bad. The rest of the translation is good)

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