C H A P T E R 11

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Wonderwall - Oasis

C H A P T E R 11




That word reminds me so much of Joe and Carl. Of their wickedness.

The sheer panic planted on Sky and Aidan's faces was enough to frighten me. Kaiden remained calm and collected. Knowing him, he probably already has a plan in his head.

After overcoming the shock, Aidan straightened up his posture and turned to his alpha. "What do we do, alpha?"

I watched with fascination as Kaiden started barking orders to Aidan and other warriors. From his position, Raphael disappeared and then appeared right beside me; wrapped his fingers around my upper arm. My eyes widened and I gave Kaiden a confused look. What was he planning?

"Raphael, as a friend, I want you to promise me you'll keep her safe," he says. Shock washed over me when I caught the plea in his voice. I never knew Kaiden cared so much about me. We were barely friends, nothing more. I thought I was a burden to him.

Raphael nods his head. "I promise Alpha."

Kaiden sighs in relief and steps closer to me. Hesitantly, his hand lifted up to my face and he gently trailed a finger down my cheek. My eyes fluttered closed at the trail of sparks that ran through my cheek. Kaiden leans closer to me, his mouth inches from mine. I could feel his hot, minty breath on my skin. "Stay with Raphael, he will protect you with his life."

Catching the amount of worry in his voice, I nod my head. I trust Raphael, he's a good friend. I know he respects the alpha and me; will protect me with his life.

Kaiden smiles, reassuringly, and dips his head into the crook of my neck, inhaling my scent. My heart throbbed in my chest, my breath hitching. Slowly and tenderly, Kaiden planted a kiss on my bare neck and then pulls away. I swallow nervously, my knees feeling wobbly. If Raphael wasn't holding onto my arm, I think I would have dropped to the floor.

"Promise me you'll stay with Raphael," Kaiden whispers, still close to me.

"I-I will," I promise in a shaky voice. Kaiden nods his head once and then steps over to Raphael, murmuring something into his ear. Even though my werewolf hearing is starting to get better, I still couldn't make out what they were saying.

Harper runs around the corner, her blonde hair ruffled and messy. Her cheeks are flustered and her blue eyes are wide and afraid. I've never seen her afraid before, she's always calm and sweet. Occasionally cold. Briefly, her eyes flicker to mine but before I can decipher the emotion entrapped in her eyes, they look away.

"Alpha, they have breached the border, we are under attack." She informs us, in alarm.

Kaiden's body stiffens. "Get everybody who is not fighting to the safety bunker now!" He orders, leaving to space for arguments. He then turns to me. "Go!"

Raphael doesn't need any more orders to go. He pulls me through the room and to the door leading to the safety bunker. I don't get the chance to see Kaiden again. For all I know, that could have been the last time I saw him. Women, children, and older men rush to the bunker with cries of fear. My heart bleeds for these terrified people. Even though I haven't officially taken on my role as Luna, I feel the urge to protect these people. They have accepted me and have looked after me.

"They're inside! They're inside!" Someone cried, causing screams to erupt through the house. People ran everywhere. Raphael changed his direction, dragging me out of the pack house and into the forest.

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