Chapter 10 - Saviour

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"Ugh You are so stubborn! You were supposed to be resting, not working today!" Minttu shouts raising her hands. "Ilaria and Linda can do it!" Minttu replies rolling her eyes when Bella chuckles.

"You do know they're not ready yet Mintts." Bella winks applying the red matte lipstick on her lips.

"How are they supposed to learn if you don't let them fail up there?"

"Falling up there means you lose clients, you lose clients means no money, and no money means no business at all." Bella reasones with her boss who screwed face stood firm.

"You did too much during the weekend Bells, there's no need... -"

"Oh shut it! You're my friend and you helped when I needed the most, let me at least try to show you how grateful I am. You really like when I go cheesy don't you?!" Bella teases her boss who playfully smacks her arm, a playful grin mirroring the Italian.

" Alright but just today." she wages a finger at her serious.

" Whatever pleases you Mrs. Virttanen. " she winks turning back to look at the mirror, a few crazy thoughts crossing her mind. "Hey, Mintts, is Ricciardo coming today?"

Minttu glances curiously at Bella, raising her eyebrow.

"You better stop that! You're with Hulkenberg now." her tone changed drastically as she murmurs.

"I was just curious, hey!" Bella' eyes widen. "Stop being so dramatic."

The Finn rolls her eyes crossing her arms above her chest "I'm not being dramatic! I don't know what the hell is going on, but you better let go! Ricciardo' favourite is Nicole and now you're with Hulkenberg, so let that be." Bella sighs biting her bottom lip.

"Is he coming or not?" Minttu groans when Bella insists chuckling in the process.

"Are you interested in Ricciardo?"

"What? Jesus No! For the sake of the devil hell no!" she replies abruptly eyes widening in the process. "I mean-" she clears her throat shaking her head, her voice a tad lower. "No, I do not."

Minttu shakes her head curiously glancing at her friend. "Good then because I told you Hulkenberg now somehow thinks he owns you." she replies uncrossing her legs "He would kill you without any doubt if he knew you're having something with anyone that is not him." she almost whispers the last part, her voice turning everything but fruity.

Bella rolls her eyes adjusting her skirt in place, trying to ignore Minttu' words and her eternal gaze on her.

" Nicole is not here today. " she continues after a few seconds." So he's definitely not coming." Minttu decides not to mention that the man was around a few hours ago and he watched her dance.

Apparently no one saw him when Bella was rehearsing which is a miracle. Knowing that, he wouldn't be around at least until Nicole was back kinda relieved the Finn.

"I'm out." Bella says looking at Minttu deep in thoughts. The Finn faked a smile getting up from her seat and kissing Bella's temple.

"Have fun Beautiful." she whispers mocking a Salut, just like the one and only, her best friend Leyla used to do.

The Italian somehow wondered where Leyla was, how she was doing and if she was needing anything. Bella was absolutely sure that her friend was okay, but it didn't change the fact that she missed the Russian.

Minttu on the other side, deep lost in her thoughts couldn't stop bothering herself about Ricciardo himself. The move, that Ricciardo from hours ago wasn't the same man she's been working for, for the last two years and a half. Watching him, look at Bella was different from any other girl he's seen in the club.

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