C H A P T E R 10

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Thunderclouds - LSD feat. Sia, Diplo, and Labrinth

C H A P T E R 10



"Push yourself, Quinn!" Raphael shouts to me. I scowl but do what he says and run faster. My legs scream in protest but I ignore it. I just keep running. "Yes! Yes!"

When I make it to him, I stop and put my hands on my knees, breathing heavily. I take gulp full of air, greedily taking it in. "How did I do?"

Raphael glances down at the timer and then back at me. "You were ten seconds faster."

I smile at his answer and stand up straight. He high fives me and passes me my bottle of water. "You're getting stronger and faster Quinn. You're doing really well."

I thank him despite feeling doubtful. No matter how many times people say it--I still doubt my survival. I still don't feel strong enough for this shift.

Suddenly, I spot Kaiden marching over to us with a stoic expression. I straighten my posture and pinch my lips together. It's been a week since our talk in the bedroom and things are begining to move smoothly. Slowly, very slowly, Kaiden and I have been spending some time together. Two days ago, he had me helping him with some of the pack work. Some of my duties.

Kaiden stops in front of us, with Aidan a few meters behind him. He sends me a tight smile and then focuses on Raphael.

"Gamma Raphael, I need your assistance in the pack dungeons." Kaiden more or less commands. The two stare at each other for a few moments whilst I awkwardly stand watching. Raphael catches onto whatever is passing between the two of them and gives Kaiden a stiff nod. Raphael smiles at me and then walks off with Aidan, leaving Kaiden with me. "I'll see you at dinner tonight."

Kaiden spins on his heels, ready to walk away. I frown and make a quick decision to question him. Reaching out and grabbing Kaiden's hand, I stop him. He swivels around to face me and his golden eyes soften at me.

Like I said, things are slowly progressing. He's less hostile around me.

"What's going on Kaiden?" I ask him, softly.

"Don't worry about it Quinn, continue your training," Kaiden says, dismissing me. My eyebrows draw together--his answer leaving me confused and annoyed. I may not technically be the luna yet but I'm learning. Surely I have some sort of right to know what's going on in this pack.

"But I'm your equal, I have the right to know as your future luna," I argue back, letting go of his arm.

Kaiden searches my eyes for a second and then sighs. He steps closer to me so that our shoulders brush together, igniting sparks. I refrain myself from shivering in delight. He bends down to my ear after his eyes scan the field. My breath hitches when his mouth grazes my ear. "Not here. Trust me."

He pulls away slightly so that his face is in front of me. I search his eyes for any a further explanation but they are closed off, sealed. Swallowing, my eyes wander around the busy field. A few people stare at us, eager to watch our exchange.

"Okay," I murmur in a low voice. I know Kaiden caught it using his super hearing. The corners of his lips quirk upwards, telling me he's happy I'll discuss it later. I think deep down, he's happy that I'm taking a real interest in pack matters.

He then turns around and walks away, in the direction of his Beta and Gamma.


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