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"Another blue one?" Awsten practically had to suppress a groan. Standing before him was Geoff in yet another cool toned shirt. This one was a bit different than the others. It was a blue button up that featured tiny tan palm trees and for once, it appeared that Geoff had grabbed something that had fit him. It was a bit big in Awsten's opinion and he made a mental note that if they grabbed the shirt, he would bring it to his tailor and get it correctly fitted. Awsten didn't think Geoff had been to a tailor in his entire life.

"What's wrong with blue? It's a good color." Neither of the two had commented about the slightly stylized sweats Geoff had on. The pants were blue with a splat of orange on the sides; more out of Geoff's comfort zone than any of the previous pairs of pants he had worn. He was surprised to say the least. "I'm starting to think that you hate the color blue."

"It looks good. I like it way better than the floral one." Chloe was being entirely honest. It wasn't just the fact that she didn't see the appeal of the salmon tone on the tall boy. A core reason she thought this look had suited him much more was because of the confidence he had in this one. It was obvious that he felt more comfortable and it showed in various ways.

"Nah." He brushed off Chloe's incorrect statement almost as soon as it came out of her mouth. In Awsten's mind, Chloe was full of incorrect opinions. The floral shirt had done way more than the plain blue button-down he was wearing. "My hair was blue almost a year ago." Chloe made a mental note of the comment. In confirmed what she had already speculated; the friendship was new.

"Why'd you go purple?" Geoff hadn't ever experimented with dyeing his hair. It never interested him much. He didn't place an immense amount of importance on the exterior of an individual. Geoff would've much rather to get to know someone than get a good look at them, a philosophy that still rung true to him. If they happened to be nice on the eyes, it was a bonus.

"I change the color of my hair when bad things happen to me." Geoff hadn't mean to bring up Ciara but did so anyways. Ciara was like a spirit that lived in Awsten's mind. She haunted almost every memory he had. There was a point in his life where she haunted every thought he had and he was thankful that had ended. It had lasted the entirety of their relationship and the three months that followed.

"I've always wanted to dye my hair." Chloe had been watching the conversation play out and not only was it heading towards something depressing but she was feeling a little left out. Besides, it wasn't a lie. She had often thought about ditching her brown to blonde fade in favor of something a little darker. Her mind flickered between a soft chestnut brown and a bold raven color. She just hadn't settled on which color she had wanted.

"You should do it." Geoff flashed Chloe a small smile before turning his attention back to his roommate. "Well it should be staying purple for a long time then." Geoff's smile towards Awsten was different. It was bigger, full of a wave of optimism that rained down on the other boy. It radiated hope, something Awsten hadn't felt in a long time. "But seriously, fuck you and your anti-blue agenda. I'm getting it." Geoff really was the kind of guy to ruin his own moment. Then again, he wasn't even sure he was in the process of having one.

"Fuck you!" Chloe snickered at the exchange between the two as she heard the lock of the change room door being pulled shut. Awsten and Chloe were silent for a little over two minutes. Only the sound of a Charli XCX sound filled the somewhat awkward lull in conversation. Awsten recognized it from a movie he saw in theaters many years ago where both of the main characters had cancer. "I don't understand why you even care anyways." He didn't need to give context. She knew exactly what he was referring to.

"Someone has to." There was a sense of authority to Chloe's voice despite not knowing the entirety of the situation. It held an air of importance, even if Awsten didn't want to acknowledge her on the subject. Maybe had their introduction gone a bit differently, the pair could've been good friends. "And it's clear that you don't." Awsten didn't care about a lot of things. The list of things he did could've easily fit on his fingers. He wasn't entirely sure if Geoff was on that list yet or if he ever would be.

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