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*Horse sounds*

Ey ppl

So this is contnuemnt of Washette!

But its lams!!


Alexdre is bottom for second tuiem

Enjoy uwu


John P.O.V

I sighed frustrated while walking around edges of our camp.

I was ordered to scout in case if British could be around.

And no.

I wasnt.

I secretly was writing a letters to Hamilton, hoping Eliza would not find out.

What if she find out?

What if Alexander doesnt love me anymore?

What if he doesnt want to come back at camp?

What if....what if British caught him and got him in cell?

Or even worse-

What if british killed him!?

I gasped and shook my head furiusly, trying to get lost of that horrible suggestion my clueless mind made.


Alexander is not dead!

He is too smart for any man, for any britishman.

I fidgeted with my fingers nervously



I hear a familliar voice, my heart stop beating and I turn around seeing no one else but

Alexander Hamilton.

I smiled, feeling tears percked my eyes as I ran to him, kissing him messy like I havent seen him in billion years.

He hugged me closely and kissed me back.

Once we pulled away, we went to somewhere where no one could see us. Nor find us.

"Oh my Alexander...I missed you so much..." I said gently as we sat down on clear, peaceful field while water was streaming down.

"Me too my dear Laurens. I missed you so much. I had been feared that you got killed or that you got away. Or that you dont love me anymore." He said as he kissed my knuckles softly.

My heartbeat in milisecond.


He looked so peacefull. His skin was paler. His beutifull dark brown silky hair tied in pinytail even tho some of his hair straints fall on his face.

He is beutifull.

"Don't say such stupid thing, Alexander." I said soothingly, clear.

He smiled and opened his eyes, revealing darkish brown black eyes, looking at me lovingly.

I could not bear anymore.

I kissed him at which he immedietely melted in.

The kiss turned more heated as I move on him, pinning him against grass.

I pulled away only to see his lustfully eyes.

He inhaled sharply, as he took me by collar forcefully in heated kiss.

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