Episode 14: Cyan and Cole

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The day after I had that meltdown or whatever it was, Cyan didn't work, but she did yesterday and would today

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The day after I had that meltdown or whatever it was, Cyan didn't work, but she did yesterday and would today. Honey begged to get out of the house. I told her to go with Cyan then, but she insisted I go, too.

Eventually, I caved.

So, Honey was napping beside me right now. I was leaning against a tree behind Cyan's stand. I didn't want her customers to see me unless they were trying to.

A guy-I think he was her date to the dance-bought a hot dog off of her. He grabbed it and sat down somewhere.

Now, I wanted a hot dog. It reminded me of home. If everybody was having a 'gathering', like Independence Day, we made them. According to my terminal, it was mid-April.

This would be my first major thing without them. I didn't think there were any birthdays while I was gone. I hadn't missed any birthdays or holidays with them since Hannah took me in.

How would they hold up? Setting up was En's and my job. It was especially difficult when the kids were having trying times. Not that we minded. Seeing our brothers and sisters happy was reward enough.

The guy from earlier crept over to me and whispered, "Can I talk to you?"

Cyan said, seemingly to no one in particular, "Have fun."

Great... I didn't have a choice now... I had to go with him cuz I didn't want to cause a scene.

Once I got a good look, his eyes struck me. They were a brilliant blue.

My lightning pooled in my cheeks. "What did you wanna talk about?"

"I've visited Cyan a lot since the week of the ball." His eyes were gentle. "You're her roommate, right?"

I nodded.

"I've wanted to meet you. She talks about you a lot. Nothing bad, though."

Of course, she did... I got vibes that she liked this guy a lot.

By this point, I was surprised I wasn't sparking. "Is that so?"

"Don't like how much she fusses about you?"

I sighed and shook my head. "I don't think she realizes I'm not a little kid. It's quite the role reversal."

In the sunlight, I saw that he had a bit of a tan. "How old are you?" He cracked a smile. "I don't think she knows."

"I'll be eighteen in a few months."

"If you're an only child, you sure don't act like one."

I stifled a laugh. "I wasn't raised as one, anyway." I put my hand over my mouth. "A lady took me in. Won't go into specifics but my brothers and sisters could be a handful."

"You don't seem close to eighteen. Few would do the things you seem to have. Especially so willingly and happily." He turned his head. "I'm eighteen. Cyan, too."

"She doesn't seem that much older."

He moved closer. "Having someone want to look after you so readily after that is hard, isn't it?"

All I could do was nod.

Cyan hadn't given up on me. She really was a sweet girl.

"I do feel bad with how I've repaid her for it all, though."

I couldn't describe his smile. All I knew was that it was good. It was like one I had seen before leaving Earth. "Trust me, Wyatt. She doesn't care about that in the least."

Thank Kayleigh. Cyan hadn't told him my real name. I wasn't ready for others to know it.

He offered his hand. "Cole Caine."

We exchanged a firm handshake. "You know this already, but I'm Wyatt. Wyatt Kurenai."

"That's quite the name."

He seemed kind. Still, was he like other Nachimians and despised KKs? The KKs were carried through certain families. I couldn't be sure where he stood. I didn't have the luxury of assumptions here. Not with Ame's so-called "protection".

Anyway, I went back to the stand after that. I didn't want to say so, but I was actually hungry.


The day after was slow. Neither of us really did anything. Honey was doing laps around the house, though. It was a miracle she didn't crash into anything. I had no clue where she got all that energy.

The one that followed was more eventful. I wanted to see Jamie again. So, I got up around seven or eight and went to the park. Honey was out cold when I left. I got the sense they liked to go early.

The walk was quick. It felt like I blinked, and I was there.

They were in the same place as when I found them the last time. They were by themselves, though. I'd expected their friends to be here, too.

"Morning, Jamie." I hesitated, but I joined her on the bench.

She made room for me. "Morning, Wyatt."

"I see you're by yourselves today." I found myself smiling. It might've been because I was more comfortable.

"Yep. They went on vacation, so it's just us today." Jamie gazed in Graham's direction and smiled. "Graham wouldn't pass this up, though. He does better when he has chances to play."

Del was like that, too. A lot of times, he would be in a rocking chair or on this spinning thing when Hannah needed him to concentrate more than he usually did. For whatever reason, seeing him like that calmed my nerves, too.

"It's good that he knows that. Must help a lot."

"Definitely. He'd be struggling more if he didn't." She laughed. "Sometimes, I feel bad about it, but he loves running errands."

I wanted to laugh, too, but held it in. "If I had to guess, it's better than standing around, staring into space."

Del had told our sisters this once. After this, they wouldn't hesitate to use him to carry the groceries unless he was hurt or just came out of an evolution.

"Oh, it probably is!" She was watching my eyes. "Does Graham remind you of someone?"

My electricity pooled in my cheeks. "My big brother. Graham reminds me so much of what he was like when we were younger."

I wished Del was there. He and Graham would probably hit it off.

Jamie cupped her hands around her mouth. "Come eat, sweetie!"

"Okay, Mom!" Graham's eyes lit up when he saw me. He ran up and hugged my leg. "Hiya, Wyatt!"

Jamie's cheeks reddened. "We ask before we do that. Remember, sweetie?"

I laughed. "He's fine."

I missed this. Most of the kids were ten or eleven or thirteen or fourteen. I hadn't seen them in a while. I hadn't realized how much I craved the closeness.

Anyway, it didn't take long for Graham to finish his food.

"We should go." Jamie rose. "I have an appointment."

I smiled. "Good luck!"

Graham waved. "I hope we see ya again soon, Wyatt!"


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