Chapter 2

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As soon as they stepped into the Baxter Building they started talking again, for Ben though it was more like yelling. "He knew about NASA. What if he made the call to shut us down?"

            "Ben, think about all the people we could help if this works." Reed said.

            "Maybe you should think about yourself for once. You always let that guy push you around."

            Nyx let out a dry laugh. "He lets everyone push him around."

            Reed turned to face her. "What were you thinking back there?"

            "I was helping you!"

            "I could've figured something out."

            "As if, then why did I even need to go?" Nyx waited for a response but nothing came. "Exactly. Maybe you need to learn to accept the fact you can't always do everything yourself."

            Nyx stormed off and went to her room, she didn't come here often because she had her own place a few blocks away that wasn't big enough to see from across the city. But there were clothes in the closet that she kept in case she ever did stop by for holidays or just felt like dropping in. She went through them and started picking out a new outfit to wear for the meeting later, black skinny jeans with boots that were fashionable but didn't have a heel that was too high for her to walk in, for a shirt she chose to wear a t-shirt with a black cropped jacket that stopped just below her rib cage. After brushing her shoulder length black hair she looked at herself in the mirror one last time and walked out to where Ben and Reed were still talking.

            Reed noticed what she was wearing and shook his head. "No, you are not wearing that!"

            "Why? It's not revealing."

            "That's not why! Do you not realize how fancy Victor likes things?"

            Nyx glared at him. "I am not a thing, I'm a person. And if Victor says anything I'll teach him a lesson."

            Ben groaned. "This isn't going to turn out good."

            "Relax I'll be fine. Besides it's a business meeting, I'm sure Sue will be there to support me."

            "Business meeting... right." Reed muttered. "That's why you're going his place for dinner."

            "Exac-... Wait what?"

            "He just called and said you'd be having dinner there."

            Nyx saw the look in her brother's eyes and hugged him. "Don't worry about me. Besides I don't go anywhere with out a pocket knife and pepper spray."

            "Please don't make him hate your brother any more than he probably does." Ben begged.

            Nyx rolled her eyes before coming back with a sarcastic comment. "Yes it would be a shame if Victor Von Doom mysteriously disappeared off that throne of his and was never seen again."

            With that Nyx flopped down on the couch to watch TV until Victor showed up to get her, Reed and Ben started lecturing her again but she turned to volume up louder until they couldn't yell over it. Reed gave up and went to his lab while Ben just went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Nyx turned it down and continued to absentmindedly watch the TV.

            When the doorbell rang she turned it off and went to answer it but Reed had come back out and was already there. Victor greeted him without giving away any expression but turned and smiled slightly when he saw Nyx.

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