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Can I just start by saying that I had an absolutely outstanding response to this little competition, and I’d like to thank everyone who entered for taking the time to make their submission. It was an incredibly hard decision, because I loved them all, but without further ado we have the runner up and winner of the TBBSMB graphic competition...

*dramatic and somewhat overused drumroll*

Second place goes to xChasingCarsx – her graphic was absolutely phenomenal, and is attached to the side for all to see. I could tell it took her a lot of time to make, and she’s quite clearly gifted for graphic design. She wins a fan :)

*Even louder drumroll*

First place goes to…Heytherejulie

It came as an absolute surprise to my friend and I that this is one of her first graphics, because it’s such high quality, and obviously a lot of time went into making this. The graphic is attached to the side of chapter 35, and I encourage you to take a look at some of the pictures in the background of the graphic. They link remarkably well to the story, and it’s clear that a tremendous amount of effort has been put in to make it so perfect. I love it to pieces, and Julie wins a fan and a dedication.

 I’d also like to shout out to some others of the very best ones, who were in very close running for the first and second prizes. ebooker_ , Kcelin, themortaljay, 17Serenity, DreamBubble1911, CanyounotElmo, pulidom and finally SelenaRubino also entered absolutely amazing graphics. I wish I could reward everybody for their time and effort, but unfortunately that isn’t possible.

Thank you for all entries, I love them to pieces, and it flatters me that you guys went to such lengths to make graphics for my little book. You all deserve a prize, honestly.

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