Chapter 2

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"What, you aren't even going to try and ask me out, are you?"

In all honesty, I don't even know what made me say that. And I wanted to jump off the running train right at the moment I realized what I had done. I guess I was hoping to provoke a natural response from him. Something he would have done the same time last year. And I was literally expecting him to say something along the lines of, 'Why, do you want me to?'  but he just turned back and frowned.

"Now that would be rather counterproductive, don't you think?"

And without waiting for a response he continued up the corridor before I could even process what he just said. At least he is acknowledging my presence. But what  did that mean anyway? I turned around to find Junmyun looking at me with an amused expression.

"What?" I asked defensively. "Nothing" He replied. He was pressing his lips tight close as if trying to stifle a laugh.

I was embarrassed so I quickly made my way to the meeting. It was boring as usual. The only thing I learnt was that Junmyun and I were assigned to do rounds on every 9 o'clock and check if no one is wandering around.

We were soon returning to our friends. I was absently passing through some random compartment, when I recognized the unmistakably messy head of Park Chanyeol. His back was facing me, but I doubt he would have even noticed me if he was facing me because his arms were wrapped around a girl smooching her face off. Eww...I almost threw up. Who wants to witness that anyway. I quietly made my way back to Yumi. She was alone, scrolling down on her phone.

"Oh, that was quick. Andrew just left." She exclaimed. Andrew Warren was her half-American boyfriend.

"Hmm...there was nothing much to mention anyway" I said and then added in a casual voice: "You don't have any idea if Chanyeol is dating someone, do you?"

She raised her eyebrow and look at me like I was an alien. "Umm...basically the whole school knows, Mirae."


"They started seeing each other by the end of last term." Oh, now I get it, The end of last year had been quite emotional for me. I'd basically walked around like a dead body cause I had just broken things off with Sehun and then exploded at Chanyeol at the last day of exams.

It really was difficult facing Sehun these vacations. He lives just down the street where I live. That's the reason we were such fast friends. Although he didn't approach me again as I was successful in avoided him, but he still looked at me like he had a lot to say. But let's not get drifted away.

"Hmm, I see. Who is she?" I asked not trying to arise any suspicion from my friend.

"The freshmen student, Yoori." She replied.

"Woah. Where did he find someone younger than us? We don't even have any classes with them."

"Come on, Mirae. She is the cheerleader of the football team, remember?" Of course that bloody team. How can I forget that? Park Chanyeol and his crazy obsession for football. I'm so sure he's gonna end up with a football player for sure. The whole game seemed pretty boring to me, as a matter of fact.

"Hey there, my pretty little ladies."

Our heads both turned and found a smiling Byun Baekhyun leaning at the door, arms crossed.

"Hi. How were holidays?" We greeted.

"Thrilling as ever. My family almost kicked me out because I crashed my Dad's car. I spent 3 weeks at Chanyeol's place. Just loved it there." He told us proudly.

"Wow. Did they take you back?" Yumi inquired.

"Of course. Is that even a question? Who can even resist my good looks?" He smirked and continued.

"So, Miss Kang, I heard some flying rumors that you're going around asking people why they don't want to take you out on a date? Too desperate don't you think, honey?" He leaned forward and asked with mischievous wink.

"Rumors? Yeah right. Your stupid friend can't even keep his mouth shut for a minute, can he?" I snapped. Seriously, Is Chanyeol gonna go announce my stupidity every where? I groaned even at the thought of that.

"That's just one of the many brilliant qualities that we share." He smirked. Suddenly I heard a clicking sound as if something fell. I checked to see what it was.

"Uhh, okay. I better get going guys. See you later." With that, he rushed back.

"Wow that was quick." Yumi commented. And just like that, we instantly smelt something really foul. It was coming from beneath the chairs.

I looked down to see a small ball. The smells was so repugnant we could hardly breath. I was so sure that I smelt of rotten eggs right now. Our uniforms and hair was reeking with odor. But there was definitely no confusion about how this happened. Yumi and I had been pranked before school even started. "I knew there was something fishy when he came to see us." Yumi cried out.



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