Author's Note

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My goodness, this has been an intense journey. I'd never thought that I'd complete this book! I'm so thrilled that I did.

I'm so thankful to everyone who supported me and my bookons journey. The number of people who read, commented, voted and added my book to your library. Anything you all did, I really appreciate it.

You are the best readers in the world and you all mean the world to me! ❤❤❤ I love you all! **Hugs everyone**

To make everything a million times better, I've come to announce something that will get everyone super hyped.

I've decided to make series out of this book. Here are the names of the works in the When He Loves Series:

1. When He Loves (#1)
2. When He Moves On (#2)

This is the serie, guys! I'm super hyped for this series! I've already started to write the second book. This is gonna be so good guys. And I would really love it if you'd support these the second book like you supported this book.

The second book will be out later this year or towards the beginning of next year, 2019. Keep this book in your library to get future updates on the release of the second book!

Thanks so much, everyone!

I'll keep you all updated on the series.

Thanks a ton

Xoxo  :D


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