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This is the story of Batu, a teenage boy with crippling OCD, banished from his home and separated from his family.

He vows to return to his village with an army at his back to free his sister from the tyrannical Thane Gantula and his cruel son, Taban.

But will his condition and the enormity of the challenge that faces him prove too much, or will he find a way to overcome his difficulties and become the hero he's always dreamed of?

Batu's story takes place in the fantasy world of Ellusia. This is the same setting I'm using for my forthcoming book, Ordella's Quest. Batu and Ordella live on two separate continents, but maybe one day their paths will cross (hint, hint!)

I'm writing the bulk of this story on my phone, fitting it in around the rest of my day. I've taken to leaving for the school-run a few minutes early, and much of Batu has been written in my parked car before I head off to the playground to pick up my kids.

Although I've made a few light edits here and there, the majority of the story has been published just as it was written.

As a result, there will be errors and inconsistencies - you have been warned!
I'm intending to give it a proper edit once the first draft has been completed.
Please feel free to leave me any feedback, ideas, and corrections in the comments.

I'm hoping to update the story on a regular basis, but I can't commit to a rigid schedule. New chapters will appear as soon as they're completed.

I hope you enjoy the story, and I'd really appreciate it if you would like the parts as you read along.

Please connect with me on social media. I love hearing from readers.

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