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My vision wasn't the clearest anymore

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My vision wasn't the clearest anymore. That cognac was settling in now and everything was forty trillion times scarier.

I dipped two fingers into the mud water mixture I had created, and smeared identical streaks under the bags of my eyes.  I had seen them do this in some action movies a few years back.

This was supposed to automatically make you a wilderness guru now right?

Something snapped a few hundred feet away from me that caused the hairs on my arms to stand straight up. Well fuck.

Twelve hours earlier...

We pulled on towards a long stretch of a driveway that opened up to a gorgeous home.

The location Brad had drove us to was completely unknown to me, but we had only been driving about thirty minutes. This city must have been a neighboring one.

The home was drastically different from Christian's. It wasn't anywhere near overdone like Christian's, but still had a beautiful old Victorian flare to it. Christian had to nudge me forward with his Remi Martin Louis XIII Cognac cause I had stopped walking to stare at everything.


He nudged me forward with the box of a $7,000 liquor.

You never realize just how bad poverty can look on you until being nudged by a bottle of liquor that costed more than everything you have in all your bank accounts.

"Hurry up, will ya? You're dragging your feet." Christian snapped. I rolled my eyes as soon as he looked away. Fucking prick.

Before we could even make it to the front door, it was swung open. "Christian!" A man called out as soon as his eyes landed on us.

"Miles!" Christian replied. He sped up to pull the man into a tight one handed bro hug. "Jesus, it's been a really long fucking time."

I couldn't really focus on this stranger cause I was too busy processing the fact that Christian fucking Ivanov possessed the ability to laugh. It sounded so fucking foreign to me I almost didn't realize it was coming from him.

"Nice to meet you again, Brad. You're looking as unamused as always." Miles gave Brad a large grin which Brad just nodded to. It was finally my turn for Miles's attention. I expected his smile to falter, but his eyes found mine, and all he did was widen it.

"Hello. I'm Alex, Mr. Ivanov's Assistant." I spoke professionally as I stuck my hand out for Miles to shake. Instead, he stunned me completely by pulling me into a hug. "Uh-"

"Pleasure to meet you, Alex. My names Miles."

He smelt nice.

Christian cleared his throat and Miles pulled away.

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