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You opened your eyes, letting out a small groan before sitting up. You rubbed your eyes before turning your head to look at the clock that sat atop your bedside table. Noting that it was six thirty, you turned your head back to look at your husband, Michael, who was still asleep.

You got up from the bed, stretching a little and making your way into the bathroom. The morning was dark and cold, and you wanted to stay in bed and sleep in, but you couldn't. By profession, you were a qualified psychiatrist. Despite the fact that your husband was Michael Jackson - you loved having a job on your own, and you adored the idea of helping people.

However, Michael wasn't a fan of your job. In fact, he had asked you many times to quit, but you refused to. He had always been afraid that one day, you'd snap due to stress.

Michael was a wonderful man. He loved you more than anything, and the two of you had a four year old daughter, named Rose.

You stared at yourself in the mirror after you had brushed your teeth and washed your face. A small frown etched itself onto your features as you noticed that you had become quite thin, and pale. There were dark circles under your eyes, and you looked tired.

But then again, you didn't care. You loved your job to the highest degree. Helping people that suffered from mental issues had always been your dream. You loved giving back to the community.

With a sigh, you walked out of the bathroom. When you did, your eyes widened slightly upon seeing that Michael was awake. He was sitting up, staring at you. Usually, Michael would be asleep when you left home - especially since he wasn't a fan of mornings.

"Good morning," you smiled, walking over to kiss his cheek. He smiled a little, inhaling deeply.

"It's not a good morning," he remarked. "Because you have to go to work," he rolled his eyes.

"And so do you," you grinned. "Nina will look after Rose this evening," you said, referring to your daughter's nanny. "I'll be a bit late home tonight. I'll be seeing three patients,"

Michael shrugged as he got out of bed, a stoic expression on his face. He straightened up and grabbed his coat, slipping it on. It was freezing.

"Three?" he sighed. "Do you have to?"

"I want to," you giggled, making your way toward your husband and kissing his cheek. "Baby, relax," you laughed. "I'll be fine,"

"I just get so worried," he shook his head. "I'd be happier if you stayed at home and rested, but I know that you've made up your mind," he chuckled a little. "And once (Y/N) has made up her mind, nothing can change that,"


"But you need to try to come home early today, it's Rose's birthday,"

"Yeah, I just remembered," you sighed. "I'll buy her a gift during my lunch hour," you smiled. "I've had my eye on that doll that she wanted last week,"

Michael chuckled, setting his hands on your waist.

"I love you, you're amazing," he looked into your eyes. "I may not like what you do, but I'm proud of you,"

"I love you way more!" you giggled. "Now, I need to go and get ready for work,"


Work had been incredibly busy. There were truck loads of paper work for you to sort through, and after seeing your three patients - you were exhausted.

At present moment, you were seated at your desk - scribbling away on your notepad. You had your emails opened on the computer screen, and you were trying your best to finish as quickly as you could. Earlier on, you had promised Michael that you'd have been home by five - and now it was seven.

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