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Thank you for your interest in American Catseye, a political cat satire inspired by conspiracy theory and deep space.

This project was originally scheduled for 33 updates—since I'm 33yro this year, I thought that was a good end-goal for many of my creative projects—but I've since planned to extend this to a 3-part adventure of 33 chapters each, to be completed before my 34th birthday.

So American Catseye will be a 99-chapter epic cat poem, in 3 books of 3 parts each, updated 1-2 chapters at a time, twice a week, with the intent to finish by July 19.

After I've completed this project, I'll offer limited-edition handbound versions on Etsy. So feel free to fall deeply in love with my cats.

September 18
After spending July & August 18 writing the first 20 movements, I can say an epic poem is a poem with an ongoing narrative, and a sense of galactic grandness.

And epic cat poems are about cats.

After American Catseye is finished, maybe I'll write American Birdseye as a prequel, from the perspective of my childhood cockatiels?—and I could spin it as Hooman #1 telling her childhood stories to Bozo and Meeper, our painted conure and Meyer's parrot.

If I took on this Birdseye project, I'd likely explore what it was like to grow up in the 90s too, which would tie into my SNES fanfiction novellas.

Alternatively, I've thought about American Fisheye, an epic poem from the perspective of mercury-poisoned fish.

Regardless of where I go next, I'm enjoying American Catseye enough to follow it through with a bang. These next 13 installments will be a joy to write.

Hopefully they're also a joy to read.

First & second drafts: September 18

Word count: first 244 / second 300

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