Chapter 16

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When I woke up, the feeling was still there. A little lighter though, I was starting to get used to it. I walked back to the house going upstairs to see Kid. He was in the same position with his teeth clenched together, his jaw held fiercely. I tried to step closer to him.

"Stop, don't come any closer." He growled.

I didn't listen, he looked like he was in pain and I hated it. I walked closer.

"Damn it I said stop!"

I didn't.

"Why won't you listen, I'm gonna lose control, and hurt you." He choked.


I was at him now, I caressed his cheek.

"Hey Kid, I'm taller than you now." I smiled, tear rolling down my face.

"Please don't cry."

"I won't."

I leaned down, and kissed his cheek.

"I'm gonna go to the store, do you want anything?"

"Mating day to be over." He growled.

"Ok I'll get you some chocolate." I smiled.

"Yea that sounds good to."

Then I left going to the store and picking stuff for dinner up and getting Kid's chocolate. Then I headed home, seeing Kid upstairs still. I sat in front of him and opened the chocolate bar, feeding it to him. When I was done he had chocolate all over his face. I giggled licking the chocolate off his face.

"Mmn, you taste good." I said licking my lips.

He wiggled. "Don't do that." He growled.

I licked my lips again, smirking.

"Stop it." He growled.

"Your not the only one feeling the effects you know. I could easily set you free and let you have your way with me."

"Please don't."

"Maybe I should be the one whose chained up."

He growled.

"Don't tempt me, woman."

I just giggled.

"Tonight at midnight, the effects will be even stronger. I don't think these chains will be able to hold me anymore."

"Good." I smirked.

"This isn't a joke (Y,n), I can tolerate the effects now but I won't be able to after midnight. I could really hurt you, or worse."

"I'm not afraid Kid. Besides we have to blood bond remember?"

"Yes I know."

"Well I'm gonna go downstairs so I don't end up setting you free."

I walked downstairs, sat on the couch, and I waited. As soon as midnight hit, my mind was nothing but lust. It was hard to control. I went up to see Kid... He was in his demon form, trying his hardest not to break the chains that held him. He was growling uncontrollably, his gaze filled with lust for one person only, me. I walked over to him, putting my hand on his arm. He flinched looking up at me, his eyes a bright violet. His teeth were sharp, his nails long and sharp. Seeing him like this made me transform as well, my eyes the same as his, a bright violet.

He growled. "You can't remove these chains..."

"Then how will we blood bond?"

His voice was low. "I don't want to hurt you..."

"You won't..."

"You don't know that!"

"Yes, I do."

I carefully took the chains from around his body, letting them clank to the floor. He stood, towering over me. He took his nail and cut a gash in his hand, doing the same to mine. Our hands intertwined, our feelings for each other enhancing just enough to push us both over the edge. He grabbed me fiercely, lifting me up so I can wrap my legs around his waist. Arms going around his neck as he kissed me hungrily, one hand on the back of my head pulling my hair. The other squeezing my ass roughly, bruisingly. I moaned biting his lip. He pushed me against the wall, grinding into me with his larger than normal hard on. He growled pulling my head back by my hair. Going for my neck and biting with his sharp teeth in multiple places, making me bleed. First the shirt came off, bites and sucks following. Then the pants, with more bites and sucks. Then his shirt, claw marks and blood following. Then his pants, more claws and blood. Everything else was a blur as our remaining clothes were off and I was laying on the bed with him looking over me. He was growling.

"I'm sorry..."

He said that as he thrust himself inside me going deeper than ever. I screamed, my teeth biting into his shoulder, nails raking down his back. Both areas making him bleed more. He didn't wait he grabbed the headboard, going hard. There was a lot of pain, but it felt so good. I moaned wrapping my legs around him. His hand went under my back making me arch and his nails rake down my back, it bled, making me moan. All this pain, I liked it, it felt amazing.

"Fuck~ more Kid~ fuck me more~!"

He growled. This whole time he has been holding back, but no more.

"(Y,n)~ your so tight~ it feels so good~"

He went all out pushing deeper, going as fast as demonly possible, being rougher than ever. Next thing I know the headboard is broken as he fucks me more than ever. He hit it, that spot that made me see stars, and the feeling in my abdomen told me I was close.

"Yes! Kid right there~ I'm so close!"

He hit that spot over and over.

"Fuck (Y,n) I'm gonna cum!"

And he did sending me over the edge with him. He pulled out laying down beside me, pulling me close and falling asleep. I snuggled into him following him into slumber.

Little did we know someone was watching us that whole time.

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