Chapter 15: An Yize Was... Sick?

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Su Jian hated sending off Yan Ziwei and felt a deep sense of loss. Luckily, Yan Ziwei promised him she’d keep in touch often and also gave him her contact information. Only then was Su Jian able to feel a bit comforted.

The next morning, Su Jian woke up after having slept in. He found that An Yize hadn’t actually gone to work yet.

He checked the date. It was a weekday. An Yize, who always went to work on time, was still in the house. This made Su Jian feel like something was off.

Then, soon after, Su Jian angrily came to conclusions: This jerk is a president. I bet he can sleep in as long as he wants and stay in if he doesn’t want to go out. As the boss or something like that, he really is hateful!

Su Jian casually stuffed himself for breakfast, then turned on the TV, but couldn’t stop himself from glancing at An Yize’s tightly closed bedroom door.

There was still no sign of movement from within the room. An Yize hasn’t woken up yet?

Su Jian didn’t start off wanting to care, but his curiosity couldn’t help being like a kitten’s claws scratching within his heart which kept him from continuing watching TV. Thus, Su Jian got up and decided to secretly go and take a peek.

Su Jian lightly twisted open the bedroom door and stretched out his neck to scout things out.

As expected, there was a mountain of blankets in An Yize’s big bed. And An Yize, as before, was buried inside.

Su Jian hesitated, then hobbled over.

An Yize was laying on his side his brows were knitted and he had a flushed face.

Su Jian felt something was wrong. An Yize was… sick?

Su Jian sat at An Yize’s bedside, hesitated for a moment, then stuck out a hand to feel An Yize’s forehead. As expected, An Yize was boiling hot.

This guy had a fever!

Su Jian’s face turned grave and hurriedly shook An Yize, “Hey! Wake up! Wake up!”

Bewildered, An Yize opened his eyes.

Su Jian solemnly stared at him, “You have a fever!”

An Yize made a weak noise of agreement, then slowly closed his eyes.

“Hey!” Su Jian grabbed his arm and felt this guy’s burning hot body temperature through his thin pajamas under his hand. He suddenly became flustered, “Hurry up and wake up! Don’t sleep anymore!”

An Yize opened his eyes again only to see the girl pulling at him with a grave expression on her face, “Your fever is really high.”

An Yize frowned, sat up slowly, and then, with one pull from Su Jian, his helplessly weak body fell over again.

Su Jian, caught off guard, was crushed under his body.

“Hey!” Su Jian was full of bottled distress, “Get up!”

An Yize only continued lying on top of him, motionless.

Su Jian was very unhappy and used all his strength to push him away, but although An Yize was ill, he still weighed a hundred plus, several tens of catties in weight(at least 60 kg or 132 lbs). At this moment, all of this weight that was as heavy as a mountain, was pressing down on his body. Plus, Su Jian was weak and had an injured leg, so he wasn’t able to shove him away.

Su Jian trembled in response to the hot breath coming from the man on top of his body that was fanning over his neck. He called out with unsteady breath, “An Yize, get up! Do you hear me?!”

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