Chapter 13: This Was The Very Image Of Su Jian's Former Ideal Goddess!

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Naturally, the damned love rival (who had since become less of an eyesore) didn’t know that he’d risen in esteem in his roommate’s heart so he continued going to and from work as he usually did.

Su Jian continued to nest in the house, becoming a household deity.

Today, Su Jian’s cell phone rang for the first time.

Su Jian startled, then picked up his cell phone only to see Ziwei flashing on the screen.

Ziwei? This name has to belong to a beauty! And so, Su Jian picked up without the slightest bit of hesitation.

As expected, the person calling had a pleasant voice that made men weak at the knees, “Su… Xiao… Jian”[1]

Su Jian dazedly answered, “Ah? Ah! It’s me.”

Next: “How! Dare! You! Not! Answer! My! Calls!!!”

Su Jian was frightened by the explosive roar emanating from his phone without any warning. He swiftly held onto the cell phone he’d almost let fall from his grasp. Then subconsciously answered in a weak voice, “I’m sorry. I’m in the wrong…”

The woman on the other end snorted with laughter, “Eh? We haven’t seen each other for a month, but you’ve gained a sense of humor! Talk! What’s going on? Why is it that your cellphone’s been off every time I call?”

Su Jian obediently said, “It’s because I forgot to charge my cellphone.” He didn’t lie. Other than that time when he had to call Su-girly’s family, he hadn’t used the cell phone since. If he didn’t have a sudden urge to play games on his phone, and thus charged it, he wouldn’t have been able to answer this call either.

She was clearly dissatisfied with his answer, “I’ve been calling you for days. If you didn’t charge it this whole time, does that mean you usually don’t use your cellphone?”

Su Jian could pretty much tell that the other girl was Su-girly’s friend, but he wasn’t sure how much she knew about Su-girly’s current situation. Thus, he decided to start from the beginning, “Because I was in a car accident.”

As expected, the fearful shouts coming from the phone almost deafened Su Jian.

“Then how are you now? Did you get hurt? How bad was it?” The beauty sounded anxious, asking questions in quick succession.

From her anxious manner, it seemed this beauty was actually a good friend of Su-girly’s. Su Jian answered the questions one by one as truthfully as he could.

He then heard the beauty in the phone command, “How could you have had a car accident all of a sudden? What is really going on? Don’t even leave out a word and give me a honest-to-goodness explanation!”

Su Jian obediently explained, even telling her about his ‘amnesia’.

The beauty at the other end became silent.

Then, she darkly stated, “You’re saying that you’ve forgotten me?”

Su Jian swallowed, “No. I only…”

“Only what?” The beauty was very angry. Afterward, she gravely said, “Give me your address! I’m coming over to you right now!”


The beauty came quickly.

After hearing the doorbell ring, Su Jian opened the door while feeling excited.

Outside the doorway, an alluring beauty was standing.

A tiny, oval face, waves of long hair, long legs, slender waist, fashionable clothing. She was a beauty completely made from the sexy and gorgeous mold.

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