Chapter 12: Holy Sh*t! Can This Be? This Was This The Legendary-GREAT. AUNT?!

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When they got home, they each returned to their rooms.

Su Jian showered with much difficulty, then, as usual, wore a long T-shirt as a sleep shirt. He then happily sat in front of the computer and played some games.

Midway through, he became thirsty so he got up to go get a drink of water. His eyes inadvertently swept across the white chair. And he suddenly froze.

What’s that red stuff on the chair?!

Su Jian hurriedly touched his behind with his hand.

Su Jian looked at his hand, and couldn’t help letting out a shout. Holy sh*t! A handful of blood! Ah!

Su-girly didn’t have anything wrong with her body, did she? Didn’t she just have a broken bone? Why is she bleeding from her butt? Can it be? Could Miss Su actually have hemorrhoids?

Right when he was looking at a handful of blood in shock, An Yize who’d heard his shout opened the door and came in.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Jian hurriedly showed him his hand in a panic, “Blood! I’m bleeding! I don’t know what’s going on either!”

An Yize stared at that bright color, face full of fear, and asked him, “Did you bump your leg?”

Su Jian hurriedly shook his head, “No, I didn’t! I was sitting here, and I didn’t even move!”

An Yize frowned even deeper, “Let me see.”

Then, An Yize was frozen on the spot.

An Yize woodenly looked at Su Jian. And with a taut voice replied, “When is your time of the month?”

“Time of the month?” Su Jian hadn’t yet gotten over his shock. He shook his head dazedly, “I don’t know…”

An Yize was stunned. Then, he realized that she had amnesia so it was perfectly normal that she wouldn’t remember such a thing. He said, “It should be about now. You can take care of it yourself.” Then he turned to leave.

“Hey! How can I take care of myself! I–” Su Jian pulled at An Yize. He hadn’t yet finished speaking when he suddenly had a flash of insight. Time of the month? What kind of time of month do girls have? It can’t be what I’m thinking…

Holy sh*t! Can this be? This… Was this the legendary——GREAT. AUNT?![1]

Su Jian felt the heavens falling and the earth rending in a majestic roar.

Although he understood that he had already become a woman and that it was only a matter of time before he met the great aunt, he truly didn’t think it would be so soon or that when the day arrived, he would feel as if he was inside of a chaotically raging tornado.

Su Jian, a drag queen/manly man, was terrified to the point of being at death’s door by the great aunt. He disregarded boundaries to grab at An Yize, ashen-faced in despair, as he asked, “What do I do?…”

An Yize was shocked and embarrassed. How was he supposed to know what to do?!

But when he saw the call for help in the panicked eyes of the little girl in front of him, with such a pitiful expression on her face, he couldn’t say anything like that at all.

Realizing that her leg made it inconvenient for her, An Yize was silent for a moment. Then, with his expression taut, he asked, “Where do you put your… sanitary products?”

“Huh?” Su Jian was dazed, then came back to his senses. He pondered over what was asked. Ah! He must mean those so-called menstrual pads! Suddenly, his face became downcast. He shook his head, “I don’t know.”

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