Tiffany ran as fast as she could on the cobbled stones of the graveyard. Being barefoot didn't help her run any faster, in fact the pain from the stones slicing the soles of her feet impaired her speed. Blood splashed between her toes making her feet look like a child's art project.

Once Tiffany reached the section of the graveyard that had grass, Tiffany jumped onto it, the soft change welcome on her feet. She didn't care that she was walking over graves. Tiffany wasn't scared of the urban legend where if you step on someone's grave, the next night the dead body of that person will come back to life and will not return to the ground until you're dead. Tiffany had seen things that were real and just as horrifying, a dead body with a vendetta was the last worry on Tiffany's mind.

Tiffany didn't look back. She wanted to know how far away Peter was to her but she couldn't risk slowing down. She could hear very distant footsteps on the cobblestones, which meant he hadn't left the first section of the graveyard yet. There were so many gravestones Tiffany could hide behind, though the majority of them were small. The eroded gravestones looked ancient. When Tiffany passed one, she was barely able to read it, although she could make out dates such as 1572 and 1876.

Straying far off the beaten path, Tiffany weaved her way through the gravestones to get to another part of the graveyard. The further she got, the wilder the grass became. It quickly got tall enough to brush Tiffany's knees. Looking back, Tiffany watched as Peter entered the quadrant. Tiffany dived for the floor, hoping the tall grass would protect her from Peter's prying eyes.

Tiffany landed beside a monument of an angel, the resting place of somebody named Agatha Bellisario. The last name rang a bell. Tiffany tried to focus on Peter in the distance but she couldn't keep her eyes off the name engraved at the bottom. The angel looked terrifying; eyes wide open and a mouth hanging loosely. The stone was filthy as if no rain had ever washed the memorial.

Peter kept moving though he had slowed down. He was going to follow the path, something Tiffany was extremely grateful she didn't do. She watched him in the grass, quiet and unmoving. Tiffany was a tiger watching a deer. She didn't want to scare her prey. She didn't want to go anywhere near him either.

Just as Peter was about to disappear, a sudden screaming rang out. Tiffany threw her hands to her ears. The screaming cut straight through Tiffany, the sound screeching like nails on a blackboard. She wanted to be sick, the pain was unbearable.

She looked up to see what was making the sound. The statue of the angel was the source of the problem. Like the mouth on the mask from Scream, it was unrealistically wide. It had become hollow and its features were a little more human, but it remained stone. Tears of blood leaked from its eyes. It was giving away Tiffany's location.

Peter turned and appeared confused. When Tiffany had to stand from the pain of the screaming, Peter found her hiding place. Tiffany looked at him and her heart plummeted. He was almost gone yet the tombstone of one of the Bellisario family members made sure she didn't get away. It sounded about right, for some reason that family wanted a war with her and her friends, turning them into the real-life Hatfield and McCoys.

Tiffany pushed against the statue to give her a boost through the grass. It became more difficult to run with both of her hands pressed hard against her ears. Peter followed hotly, for an old man he was gaining speed after appearing sluggish before.

For some reason, the screaming didn't seem to dissipate despite the distance Tiffany was putting between the statue and herself. Out of nowhere, a gravestone appeared right in front of Tiffany and she ran into it.

Squealing in pain after colliding her shins into the stone, one of Tiffany's legs buckled. She quickly recovered and ran again, this time keeping her eyes peeled. The grass was becoming small again, making it easier to see the path ahead. Trees surrounding a quiet path lay up ahead. Tiffany had no idea where it would lead but she didn't care. Unless she wanted to run in circles with Peter, she had no other option but to head toward the path.

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