Chapter 11: Even If You Were Indifferent To The Whole World

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Since the disaster area of Su Jian’s spewage was too big, the sumptuous lunch had been ruined. In the end, Su Jian made a final dish of tomato and egg over noodles.

The weekend ended in great turmoil. On Monday morning, when Su Jian awoke, An Yize had already left for work.

Alone, Su Jian hobbled around all the rooms before listlessly returning to his own room.

Say. Without An Yize to tease, it’s pretty boring in this house.

Plus, there was no one to bring him breakfast…

Last night, An Yize gave him a substantial stack of cash and a few numbers to call for takeout. He said that he could decide for himself whether he wanted to cook or order takeout. At the same time, he also gave him a credit card with a 1 million RMB credit limit (approximately 145 thousand USD) and told him that he could swipe it freely to buy whatever he wanted.

I, your grandfather, am now a rich person! Ah~! Su Jian pulled out the credit card and gently stroked it, yet he did not have any desire to spend money.

Thus, Su Jian’s day went like this: breakfast, didn’t eat; morning, play online games; lunch, a package of frozen dumplings; afternoon, sleep.

When he woke from his nap, it was past 3 pm. Su Jian was going stir crazy in the house and really wanted to go out for a walk. He then thought of an important problem: An Yize gave him cash and a card, but he didn’t give him a house key!

Su Jian searched through the entire room yet didn’t find Su-girly’s key. He could only sit for a while on the balcony like a bird locked in a cage, gazing pathetically out into the distance. Say, a high-class neighborhood is definitely a high-class neighborhood. The neighborhood scenery looks so nice…

Su Jian, after being locked up in the house all day, wanted to go out.

After thinking for a while, Su Jian decided to call An Yize.

On the other end, An Yize was in a meeting. With a glance at the display, he couldn’t help but frown.

“Jian Jian?”

The upper management in the conference all made an “I didn’t hear anything” expression even while they were listening intently because this nickname sounded very intimate, and while their president’s manner of speaking could be considered no different than the usual, his tone was still gentle.

Su Jian felt a little awkward. “What time are you coming home?” After a short pause, he added, “so I can make dinner in time.”

An Yize paused. Tonight, he actually had a dinner event. Even though it wasn’t very important, he hadn’t planned to eat dinner at home. After hearing the soft voice of the young girl over the phone, he suddenly had the feeling as if going home for dinner wasn’t such a bad idea.

Over the past month, he would occasionally, but not often, go home for dinner. Most of the time, he either had to work overtime or go to dinners, while she stayed home, cooked, and ate all alone. She used to text him daily to inquire whether he was coming home for dinner, but the businesslike tone of those texts were only to find out whether or not she had to make another serving for dinner. They pretended to be a married couple deeply in love in front of others, but only a little over a month ago, they were but strangers who carried their own emotional baggage.

In the past, she never called him like she was doing now. Now, her voice was tender and soft, carrying an unmistakable hint of expectation. In the previous month, she would usually be overly cautious, acting only gentle, quiet, and polite. She had been completely unlike her post-amnesia straightforwardness and ingenuousness which kept him sandwiched between laughter and extreme embarrassment. Could it be that it was as she had said? That this was the real her, and because of amnesia, she dared to show her true nature in front of him?

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