"That's A Lot Of Stars."

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It was like that night on the lake.

But this time, Perci and Thor danced slowly at the base of the Yggdrasil, the World Tree. The branches stretched across the sky, with the falling sun filtering through the windswept leaves. The grass was green and flowers of all types and colours bloomed brightly around them.

Thor held Perci's right hand to his chest with his left, right over his beating heart. Her left hand rested on his right shoulder, while his other hand lightly gripped her hip. The blond wore his usual armour, having just returned for the training arena after sparring with Lady Sif and the Warriors Three.

Perci really liked the woman and the feeling was mutual as both got along famously. She'd earned the Asgardian woman's respect when the Saviour had thrashed all four of them, much to the amusement of the God of Thunder, who hadn't doubted her for a second.

The Daughter of Poseidon and she would always recognize herself as such, had taken to wearing white. Plus the jewellery Thor had gifted her with. The golden armbands and a delicate golden chain with a lightning bolt pendant, to replace the one he'd received from the Goddess of Love to give her.

Don't forget the ring adorning her third ring on her left hand. The ring, with a bluish-green stone akin to the colour of Perci's eyes and two small rubies either side of it, gleamed brightly, catching the light every so often.

Lady Sif had turned into a huge sobbing mess and demanded to help pick out a wedding dress. It scared the crap out Thor and the Warriors Three. And it made Perci laugh, tears in her eyes, at the horror on their faces, as it was like the men had completely forgotten she was a woman.

But right now, it was just her and Thor.

All of Asgard knew of their approaching wedding ceremony, as did her friends and family on Earth. Everyone was invited and the God of Thunder had even asked his brother to stand beside him as the two exchanged their vows of holy matrimony.

With a raised eyebrow, Loki had sighed heavily and muttered a 'fine.'

But Perci knew that inwardly, her soon to be brother in law was excited and thrilled to be included and welcomed, into the next stage of Thor's life. The blond had forgiven him for all that had happened had on Earth and that meant everything to Loki.

The Goddess of Life and Fate looked to the sky, it now being black and glittered with stars.

Thor kept his eyes on his betrothed's face. How could he not? She literally glowed with happiness.

The God dipped her and the black-haired woman squealed lightly. Face to face again, he studied every feature and contour of Perci's face, like it was the last time he'd ever see her.

For some reason, Thor did that often, "I love you more than the nine worlds, my Lady."

Perci jokingly scoffed at his murmured confession and lightly smacked his chest, "You're not getting soft on me now, are you Odinson?"

The blond grinned and gave a sly grin, then threw over her shoulder making her squeal again, but louder. Whenever Thor did this, Perci would always end up in the fountain but he'd promised that after they were wed, it would be their bed instead.


The younger Goddess's pleas for escape had garnered Frigga and Odin's attention.

The Queen clasped her hands together over her chest and the King wrapped his arm around her waist, them watching with amused smiles.

She leaned her head against his chest, "Do you remember when we were like that?"

Odin smiled lightly. He did and he was happy to see that one of his sons had found love in a woman as perfect for him as the Saviour Persephone Jackson. Although their meeting wasn't customary, neither were prepared for their forced betrothal. But in the end...

The one-eyed God looked down at his wife, took her chin in his hand so she would meet his gaze. After being together for so long, pure love still burned in her beautiful eyes, "I do, my Queen."

Frigga stood up on her tiptoes to press a kiss on his lips and Odin smiled into it.


Perci hit the water and she gasped at the coldness. The fountain was very deep and from underneath the surface, the Goddess smirked to see Thor bent over the edge, concerned. He'd obviously forgotten she could breathe underwater.

Lunging up from the water, the Daughter of Poseidon hooked her arm around the back of the God's neck and kissed him deeply, before dragging him back down into the icy depths. Of course, Perci had the common sense to make an air bubble so the man she loved wouldn't drown, they continued their kiss until they were both breathless.

She laid her forehead on his, "I love you more than all the stars in the sky."

Thor grinned stupidly, the lovesick curve of his mouth making her smirk, "That's a lot of stars."

They could've both stayed there forever, just enjoying the company of themselves, in their own little world, when a rock suddenly hit the back of Thor's head. Perci snickered and he playfully scowled at her before they both rose to the surface.

There, with an unimpressed look, his arms crossed and foot tapping on the ground was Loki.

Forgetting the slight sting on the back of his head, Thor spread his arms wide and caught the God of Mischief before he could escape, "Brother!"

The emerald eyed man sent a pleading look at Perci as she smirked with amusement. Taking pity on him, the Goddess cleared her throat and Thor put him down.

"What's wrong, Loki?" She asked, trying hard not to laugh at the sight of him.

Having fallen on his arse when the blond had let go of him so suddenly, the God stood with a huff and straightened his robes, "There is a problem on Midgard."

Instantly the pair were at full attention, their gazes focused on Loki, who shifted a little, uncomfortable with the intensity of the situation.

With a deadly calm voice, Perci then asked, "Please explain."

Loki gulped and almost sheepishly said, "My sceptre has been found in the hands of the mortals. Mortals who mean harm to the rest of the human race."


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