Chapter Six

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    A.N- Hello. I changed the texting thing up a tiny bit. I changed it to say the day of the week that it is instead of just 'Today'. Other than that, nothing changed. Thank you for tuning in! ^-^

"What the fuck?!" I stood up and backed up in confusion. "What happened?!"

  "Well, that was a clone to see how well you'd do. And you did better than we thought." Handman complimented.

  "This was all fake?!" I was outraged.

  "Yeah, pretty much but you will have to face the same person soon. This was to train you, for you to get to know his quirk, his movements, his plan when faced against someone like you. Treat this like you actually did kill him, then you'll do better tomorrow." One of the villains said before patting my back. "By the way, I'm Twice. I'm the one who created the clone!"

  I exploded him backwards. "You look like a knock-off Deadpool."

  "Hey, we don't need in-fighting here." Shigaraki said. "Bakugou, this was an exercise to see if you could handle it and you can."

  I growled. "I'm not going to go through that shit again!" I stormed away. I didn't want to do this, I didn't want to kill. What would Kirishima say? The clonecs words rang through my mind like a bell. I grabbed my head and growled. My thoughts felt distorted like I didn't have control of them.

  "Hey, need help there pal?" I jumped at the sound of one of the villains. I turned around and it was Knock-off Deadpool. "You look beat. I can show you where to sleep."

  "Yeah, I'm fucking tired." I lied. I wanted to text the others. Earlier, Handyman said something about being in an abandoned warehouse and that would be useful information for them to know.

  "A please would've been nice..." He complained as he started walking.

  "If I was nice, people would hang around me. I hate people." I glared at him.

  "Except for that red-head. Eijirou is his name, right?"

  I sent an explosion towards his face. "Do not call him Eijirou. Only I can."

  He chuckled. "Man, that hurt." He stopped in front of a door. "Here is where you sleep."

  I huffed and slammed the door shut. I looked around and saw a bed with a desk and chair next to it. I grabbed the chair and put it under the doorknob. I didn't want any of those bastards coming inside. I quickly flopped onto the bed and pulled out my phone. The bed smelled dusty. I wrinkled my nose because of the smell.

  B- Monday, 2:29 a.m- Raccoon Eyes!

  R-  Monday, 2:31- Bakugou! What happened?

  B- Monday, 2:31- Holy shit! It's 2:30 in the fucking morning?! I haven't slept since like Friday!

  R- Monday, 2:31- You're avoiding the question

  B- Monday, 2:31- It doesn't fucking matter. Anyways, I found out that I'm in an abandoned warehouse.

  R- Monday, 2:32- Bakugou, how's Kirishima?

  B- Monday, 2:32- Good fucking Bye

  R- Monday, 2:32- Bakugou wait! What happened? Is this even Bakugou?! You're acting weird...

  B- Monday, 2:32- I don't want to fucking talk about it Raccoon Eyes.

  R- Monday, 2:32- Tell me! What is so bad that you can't tell us?!

  B- Monday, 2:32- I found Deku... The REAL Deku and I killed something.

  R- Monday, 2:33- WHAT?!

  B- Monday, 2:33- It was a fucking clone, calm down. But I didn't know that it was a clone until it was dead.



  R- Monday, 2:35- Oh... Speaking of Kirishima, how is he doing?

  B- Monday, 2:35- I don't fucking know... I haven't seen him since Friday...

  R- Monday, 2:36- Are you sure that you don't want the pro's involved? They can help.

  B- Monday, 2:36- Fuck no! I don't know where Kirishima is. They might find out about the pro's and kill him while I'm still looking for him.

  R- Monday, 2:36- Oof

  B- Monday, 2:37- Don't fucking oof me! This is a serious situation!

  R- Monday, 2:37- Sorry, I don't know what else to say.

  B- Monday, 2:37- How about nothing since I need my fucking sleep. I haven't slept and I've been running on pure adrenaline since fucking Friday.

  R- Monday, 2:37- Can you go one text message without you cursing?

  B- Monday, 2:37- I did earlier. I don't want to try that shit again. It was agonizing.

  R- Monday, 2:37- Funny

  B- Monday, 2:38- I'm going to sleep. Night Raccoon eyes

  R- Monday, 2:38- See? Was that hard?

  B- Monday, 2:38- Very.

  R- Monday, 2:39- What about school?

  B- Monday, 2:39- Shit, I knew that I was forgetting something.

  R- Monday, 2:39- Yeah, no duh. You and Kirishima will be absent, as long as Midoriya. Wouldn't everyone find that weird? Three people who live in the dorms literally five minutes away from school never show up.

  B- Monday, 2:40- We'll cross that fucking bridge once we get there.

  R- Monday, 2:40- Bakugou, we're going to cross that bridge in five hours and twenty minutes

  R- Monday, 2:40- People are going to start rumors, I know it. Everyone in Class 1-A knows that you and Kirishima are dating

  B- Monday, 2:41- What the fuck does that have to do with anything?!

  R- Monday, 2:41- Nevermind. Anyways, we have to come up with something.

  B- Monday, 2:41- Well, I'm going to sleep on this shitty bed they gave me. I'm fucking tired Ashido. I can't think at all.

  B- Monday, 2:41- I meant Raccon Eyes.

  B- Monday, 2:42- Choose your words carefully or I will kill you the next time I see you. I see that fucking text bubble.

  R- Monday, 2:44- Noted. Anyways, good night Bakugou.

  R- Monday, 2:44- Well, morning since it's 2:42

  B- Monday, 2:44- Shut the hell up and let me sleep. Don't text me until I text you later.

  I shut down my phone and put it in my pocket before slowly closing my eyes. If only Kirishima brought his phone, I would be texting him instead of Pinky. I sighed and hugged the musty pillow. I miss you Kiri...

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