room #18

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"Where are we going hyung?"

"Namsan park!!" Chan excitedly said.

"YEAYY!!!" The others joined.

"Yas! I finally can walk down the cherry blossom again!!" Seungmin says to himself.

"Same." Hyunjin says and winks.

Again.. Seungmin looks at him weirdly.

"Why do you keep on winking?"

"Bcs i like you."

"Shut up" Seungmin rolls his eyes and turns away.

"Why do your face is red?" Whispered felix.

"Shh!" Seungmin shush him.

"Okay guys, let's go to the cars!"

The couples went out. Hyunjin grabs seungmin's hand and bring him inside woochan's car. They split into two, which is minsung's and woochan's. Inside woochan's car were seungjin and jeongin, while in minsung's were changlix.

On the way to the namsan park, hyunjin was still holding seungmin's hand, withOUT realizing. Seungmin notices it but he pretends that there was nothing, bcs he likes it.

"Okaay, we're here!" Announced woojin and parked the car.

Hyunjin has realized that he was holding his hand for the whole travel. He let go and apologized. Seungmin felt a bit disappointed. As they got out, they met with the others and walked separately.

"So.. I'm alone?" Asks jeongin.

"What? Excuse me I'm here, duhh?" Seungmin rolls his eyes,

"Sorry but no, jeongin is coming with me." Chan says and grabs jeongin then walked away with his husband.

"Awh.. Felix—"

"Chaos gays!" He walked away with changbin.

"Bye! See you later!" Minsung walked away.

"So, it's just you and me," seungmin points hyunjin and seungmin.

Hyunjin sighs and walks ahead. Seungmin looks at him, confused.

What's wrong with him?
He sighed?
Why do he looks soo disappointed?

"H-hyunjin wait!" He walks after him.

"Hyunjin., are you okay?" Seungmin asks.

Hyunjin didn't reply, he just continues to walk, looking at the ground.


Still he didn't reply. Seungmin sighs and follows where ever hyunjin goes.

Is he okay?
Why is he ignoring me??
I'm so lonely broken angel—

They walked up to the wooden stairs, all in silence. Seungmin can't takes it, he grabs hyunjin's arm and forced hyunjin to look at him.

"What is it?" Hyunjin said in no-mood tone.

"What's wrong with you? Are you okay?" He asks.

"Why do you care so?" He asks and rolls his eyes then yanks his arms from seungmin's grasped.

An: I'm sorry for making that happened.

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