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As I walk out I head towards the alley to get my bike.
As I do,I see one of the kids from the store walk out and stand in front of it looking around.

He looks my way and stops,I smile and as I do the wind starts blowing making my hair move around a bit.

I see him blush and look down.
I finally make my way to him and stand in front of him.

He shakily holds his hand out holding the money he had.

"H-h-here as thanks"he says but I just smile and push it down.

"Its fine"I say then hear yelling coming from the alley.

"Oh god,he's bleeding!"

I turn my head and see a familiar looking boy.

"Ben?"I whisper and start walking towards the group of boys.

"You have to suck the wound before you apply the bandage!"

"Hey,are you ok?"I question gaining all their attention,they turn to me and they all blush.

"U-uh yea I'm uh fine I just fell"Ben says.

I know Ben from Beverly,she told me he was the new kid like me.

"Yea right into Henry Bowers"a kid with glasses says,I immediately scoff.

Beverly told me about him too.

"Oh he can go fuck off"I say crossing my arms and rolling my eyes,the boys look at me in suprise.

I just smirk and the one with glasses smirks back.

"Ooh fiesty,me likey"he says and I turn to him

"Oh do you?"I say and he smirks again

"Why yes I do sweet cheeks"he replies cockily.

"Well,keep on dreaming lover boy"I say

"Anyways,I'm Emily Bradley.
I'm Beverly Marsh's twin sister"I say making their eyes widen.

"You're Beverlys twin sister?!"glasses kid says and I roll my eyes

"That's what I just said dipshit"I say and the guys laugh.

"W-w-w-well I'm B-b-bill"one of the kids from the store says and I smile at him,he smiles back.

"I'm Eddie"the shortest one from the store says

"I'm Stan"the tallest one from the store says

"I'm Richie but you can call me-" I cut him off by smirking and placing a finger on his lips

"Never"I say making the guys laugh as we rolls his eyes.

He looks away and crosses his arms.

"Awe c'mon you're fun to mess with"I say poking his cheek as he blushes a bit.

"Anyways,we were thinking of going to the q-q-q-q-quarry tomorrow if you wanna..."Bill trails off and I smile sweetly.

Yea,I'll come if Bev can come too"I say and he nods.

"See ya guys"I say walking away

"Dayyyyyuuum!"I hear Richie say as I walk away.
I roll my eyes but look over my shoulder at him and jokingly wink.

He smirks.
I shake my head and hop on my bike before riding away.

She was fine!"Richie exclaims after Emily left.

"Richie!"Eddie yells at the perverted boy.

C'mon you had to of thought so too!" He replies and all I can do is roll my eyes.

"Guys!"I say getting their attention.

"Stop talking about her and f-f-f-focus on B-b-b-ben"I say,they nod and Eddie starts fixing him up again.

As I let the bike fall on the hard ground I ran up to the door of the place im going to be staying at all summer.

I sigh and open the door before closing it behind me as I walk inside.
I speedwalk to the room but get stopped by my father.

My breath hitched in my throat.
I looked down frozen.

You're back!"I hear Bev's voice call out.

I mentally thank her.

"Oh yea"I say laughing nervously trying to get around him but he stops me.

Bev comes around and stands next to me.

"Oh..my two girls"he whispers reaching down and feeling Bev's hair.

I wanted to slap him right then and there but I held it back.

"So,what you got there Emily?"Dad asks me looking at the plastic bag.

"Uh nothing"I say but he just grabs the bag and opens it while looking inside.

"Oh..please tell me you're still my little girls"he whispers while looking at us.

"Yes daddy"Bev says and I can instantly tell she's uncomfortable.

He smirks and hands me the bag back before slowly putting a hand on the back of my neck.
He keeps that disgusting smirk on his face as he brings my head closer to his nose.

Once it's close enough he smells my hair and a chilling shiver runs down my back making me let out a shaky breath.

He smiles once he let's go before gently pushing me to the side so I can get by.
I automatically grabbed Bev's arm and brought her with me.

Bev ran to the bathroom and I followed but she shut the door before I could get in.

"Bev please"I say through the door as I lean on it.

I could hear her sobbing along with scissors as I could assumingly guess she was cutting something.

I just sighed and waited till she came out.

It was at least a few minutes until I heard the click of the lock and the squeak of the door.

I jumped up and gasped at the sight.
Beverly now had short hair,that only reached the bottom of her ears.
She had tear stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes.

I immediately hugged her and brought her to our room.
I shut and locked the door before sitting her on the bed.

"Oh bev.."I whisper as I hug her once more.

I then let go and look at her hair and see it all over the place along with it being uneven.
I smile at her and grab a pair of scissors ready to help fix it.

"Love you Em"Bev says wiping her eyes.
I smile again and stand behind her as  look at her hair.

"Love you too Bev"I say before getting to work.

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