Book Three ♦️ Melody-Harmony Engine

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The Melody-Harmony Engine is the seventh device developed by the Wizardhood for interacting with higher dimensions.

Devices that affect the fabric of space-time are kept inside sanctums so, if they rupture, they will only destroy part of the pocket universe, rather than bursting the bubble world completely. They were put into use after an engine was purposefully destroyed during the First Wizard War.

The First Wizard War was the result of a political conflict between homo sapiens and homo theta, or humans and cyborgs. Historical records have mixed accounts on who was victorious in this war.

Sanctums are built by using the same technology to open gates, or convert a flat black hole to a spherical black hole. In the unlikely event the engine ruptures, the sanctum stretches space-time open in what is called a fissure; then the debris of the destroyed engine falls through the fissure.

Fissures lead to End-time, which is explored in a separate text.


Seven Books

(❎) Geneva, Simulacrum Earth
(❎) Wizardhood, Pocket Universe
(✅) Melody-Harmony Engine, Sanctum
(4) Fourth Dimension, Time
(5) Fifth Dimension, Mithral
(6) Sixth Dimension, Chaos
(7) Seventh Dimension, Order

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