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From: Baby boy 🐿️💗

Let's hang out tomorrow!

Okay! Is Jeongin going too..?

No hyung, tomorrow it's just the two of us ^^

Okayy heheh ^^ Where should we meet?

I'll pick you up at 10am. Be ready!

Yes baby! See you tomorrow 💕

Sleep tight hyung 💕

You too baby 💕

The next day, at 10am sharp, Jisung was nervously waiting for Minho after ringing the bell.

It was the first time he was taking the older on a date. Well, technically they hadn't officially called it a date, it was a "hang out" but he knew it was a date. Which made everything even more nerve-racking. It all had to go the right way.

"Jisungie? Baby?"

"Oh! Yes? Are you ready?"

"Yeah, you were spacing out. Let's go"

Minho took Jisung's hand in his as they walked, making the younger turn his head and finally take in Minho's appearance.

He looked breathtaking, as always, and Jisung couldn't stop thinking how Minho was the person he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.

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