room #17

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After seungmin smacked him, he cannot sleep. His eyes were wide opens. He watches seungmin. He smiles to himself.

"He kissed me.." He thoughts and squeals.

He looks at the time it's was 2am. He starts to feel sleepy and end up sleeping with smile on.


The sun hits seungmin's skin. He woke up and the first thing he saw was hyunjin, sleeping peacefully. He got up, carefully not to wake him up and went to the bathroom.

As he finished doing his morning routines, he went downstairs and saw chan in the kitchen.

"Good morning channie hyung." He greeted.

"Oh, hello my son!"

"Hehe. What are you making?"

"Pancakes and egg-rolls."

"Oh~ sounds good, can i help?"

"Yeaa~ sure, that will make things faster! Thankyou seungmin~"

"No problem sir!"

Suddenly a yawn can be heard from behind, "oh jeongin~ morning."


"Uhm, jeonginnie.. Can you wake the others up?"

"Okay.." Jeongin said and went to each room.


Knock knock, "breakfast is ready."



Knock knock, "yo gays breakfast is— ew oh my god my eyes."

"S-sorry, what?"

"Breakfast is ready."



"Hi~ morning~" Woojin greeted.

"Hello~ morning too~ breakfast is ready~"



Knock knock.
Knock knock.

"What ever i will come in."

"Yo hyunjin, breakfast is ready."
"Hyunjin hyung!~"

"Yes seungmin??"
"Eh no i mean jeongin!! Yeahh jeonginnie!"

"Ugh gay. Wake up! Breakfast is ready!"

"Okay jeonginnie, thankyou~"


Jeongin went to the kitchen, everyone are all ready.

"Ugh.. Hyunjin hyung is the hardest person to wake up." Jeongin rolls his eyes.

"I know how you feeling." Chan laughed.

"And now where's he?"

"Probably doing his routine."
"There he is."

"Sorry for making you wait heh. Morning btw."

"Morning." They greeted back.

"Woah.. So.. One two.. Nine! Woah.. This fit straykids so well." Chan said and smiles like a proud mom.

"Yeaaa straykids!" Changbin says and felix dabs.

"These two.. Now eat, because we're going somewhere later."


Hyunjin sat besides seungmin and smiles like a crazy person.

"Why are you smiling?"

"Nothing. It's just my mood." He smiles to seungmin.
"And you are the reason." He winks.

Seungmin looks at him weirdly and eats his food.

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